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The Challenge of Hiring for Part-Time Roles
April 5 2024 - From attracting top talent to ensuring productivity, navigating the intricacies of part-time employment can be daunting for businesses.

Four Pieces Of HR Guidance For Recruitment
March 12 2024 - Giving yourself the best chance of getting the right person the first time with minimal fuss.

What Are Blockchain Recruitment Specialists?
November 20 2023 - Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology may be fluctuating in value, but in today's world, they are the innovations that know no bounds.

Innovative Ways to Secure Top Talent for Expanding Businesses
July 30 2023 - We're talking about top talent, the power players driving your business forward.

3 ways companies can use AI and automation to elevate hiring workflows
June 1 2023 - Many organisations are already using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make their hiring processes more efficient and improve the candidate experience.

Effective Talent Acquisition: 3 Strategies For Attracting Top Talent
April 28 2023 - Talent acquisition is crucial for the success of any organisation.

8 Tips for Writing a Cover Letter With No Experience
April 20 2023 - Are you trying to write a cover letter to apply for jobs, but you don't have any work experience?

2023 trends that will shape today's recruitment industry
February 9 2023 - Talent acquisition teams are going to have to be even more flexible in the way they approach hiring whilst also refocusing their efforts on reengaging current employees.

What Are the Different Types of Resumes?
January 15 2023 - The job market is tight. If you're looking for a job or even a career change, you know you have to stand out from the crowd.

Discover The Benefits Of Using SEO In The Hiring Process
December 23 2022 - A particularly useful tactic, which nonetheless is frequently overlooked, is the employment of SEO techniques to drive traffic to particular job listings.

How to Optimise Talent Sourcing in Complex Digital Settings
December 2 2022 - Streamlining the process of securing the best talent is complex but absolutely achievable with technology help, explains HR and procurement specialist Arnab Banerjee

How to Integrate EDI in Your Recruitment Process
August 12 2022 - The data speaks for itself, as a number of studies overwhelmingly demonstrate the various benefits approaching equality, diversity and inclusion - or EDI for short - can have for a business.

A Step-by-step Guide On Implementing Inclusive Hiring Practices
July 30 2022 - Inclusive recruiting involves attracting, screening, and selecting candidates for empty positions in your organisation to ensure that the pool of qualified candidates is as diverse as possible.

How to Update Your Resume
May 22 2022 - If you're not as happy as you could be in your role, perhaps you're already dusting off your old resume and trying to make it more current before you apply for a new job.

Use the Internet of Things and real-time data to ease understaffing
April 18 2022 - Whether from the pandemic, and either isolation or illness, or ‘The Great Resignation', we can't seem to find the staff; and operations and those working them are suffering.

How retailers can improve their interviewing process to avoid losing top talent
April 2 2022 - The departure of skilled workers is squeezing the labour market and making it harder for retail leaders to recruit and retain talented and experienced staff.

6 Ways Your Body Language Can Influence Your Interview
February 18 2022 - What you communicate with your body language can often be the deciding factor in whether or not a company hires you.

Three Benefits of Hiring a Skilled Worker for Your Business
January 12 2022 - A skilled worker is defined as an individual who has the knowledge and credentials to perform a particular job and also goes above and beyond to perform said task.

Re-hiring post COVID and the need to start planning now
May 30 2021 - One of the main trials employers face as we move out of the pandemic's economic stranglehold is re-hiring team members to fill skill gaps.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Recruitment Agency To Hire New Engineering Staff
May 24 2021 - A recruitment agency can identify high-quality, experienced applicants whilst eliminating the arduous task of sifting through a seemingly infinite number of CVs and cover letters.

5 Key Reasons Your Company Should Hire a Recruitment Firm
May 18 2021 - It's important to do research before hiring a recruitment firm for your business. Keep reading to learn why recruitment firms are nessesary.

Why now is the best time to invest in young talent
March 30 2021 - Beyond temporary financial incentives, there are many reasons why businesses should be seeking out young talent right now.

Internal hiring instead of redundancy is ideal, but employees need the same support as if they're exiting the business
December 15 2020 - Encouraging internal mobility not only boosts retention and improves employee engagement, but it can also help companies evolve their businesses from within and bridge any existing skills gaps.

Recruitment and the challenges facing candidates
September 17 2020 - Young people might be relatively mildly affected by Covid-19 medically, but the pandemic is making life difficult for those planning to continue their education or looking for jobs.

Looking for Resume Help? 5 Top Tips for Your Job Search
September 6 2020 - Are you currently on the market for a new job? We've got the resume help you'll need to make sure that you'll be successful. Click here to learn more!

CV 101: What Is a CV?
August 27 2020 - Some people may think a CV and a resume are the same thing, but there is a difference. Learn what a CV actually is and why it's important in this CV 101.

Smart Ways to Attract Talent to Your Business
July 17 2020 - It can be challenging to know whether you're accessing the right pool at all in your job advertisements.

How to Find the Right Candidate for a Job Role
April 16 2020 - A brief list of tips to take into consideration to help you find the right candidate during the hiring process.

How to Quickly Onboard New Staff at Peak Times
February 23 2020 - These tips will help you quickly fill labour shortages in your business at peak times of trade.

Business Recruitment: How to Always Hire the Right Person
January 24 2020 - Scaling up is difficult enough without selecting personnel who are more of a burden than they are helpful.

Talent Drought? Use These 5 Creative Ways to Recruit Employees
November 27 2019 - Are you experiencing a talent drought? Use these creative ways to recruit employees and get the talent that you need to succeed in business.

Recruiting talent in the IT industry
October 28 2019 - The IT sector thrives on talent above all else. With a team of motivated experts on your side, you can accomplish practically any business goal.

Strengthening University and Student Results
September 19 2019 - By taking the strengths-based recruitment approach, organisations can recruit the best talent, irrespective of where that talent has come from, or what degree class the candidate has achieved.

How You Can Attract More Applicants to Your Job Fair Booth
August 20 2019 - Having a booth at a job fair is one of the best ways to recruit great employees.

Background check mistakes you may not realise you're making - and how to avoid them
August 9 2019 - As a fundamental part of the recruitment process for many organisations, background screening continues to play a growing role in the hiring landscape.

How to Attract Quality Candidates When Posting Job Ads
June 24 2019 - Posting job ads is a common method employers use to attract desirable candidates. However, this doesn't always generate the desired results.

How to Hire the Best Employees for Your Business
November 9 2018 - A company's employees are the heart and soul of the operations.

Making personnel more personal: Why HR is essential when hiring freelancers
August 23 2018 - More than half of European businesses leave HR out of the loop when hiring self-employed workers.

The Trends Shaping Recruitment
November 9 2017 - Some of the cutting edge techniques that recruitment agencies are employing to find the very best candidates who are capable and reliable.

Uncovering Potential Leaders with Recruitment Assessment
November 24 2016 - Recruitment assessment is a detailed and highly analytical process carried out by experts in the fields of business psychology and HR.

Global recruiting trends of 2016
December 8 2015 - What does 2016 have in store for the future of recruitment?

6 Ways to Retooling your Recruitment Process
December 3 2015 - For financial services recruiters, hiring new staff and replacing existing ones can be an expensive process.

Now is the Time for Mobile Recruitment
October 3 2015 - Mobile Recruitment has Arrived. Are You Ready?.

The Senior-Level Interview: the Pitfalls and Red Herrings
August 15 2015 - Recruiting a new employee is not always easy, and it's made even more difficult if the company is looking to fill senior roles such as finance jobs.

How leaving the EU could affect British business' recruitment
July 11 2015 - Perhaps most controversial both at home and abroad, is Mr Cameron's ambition to renegotiate the terms of the UK's relationship with the European Union in anticipation of the promised in-out referendum by 2017.

Recruitment - Is Retention the Real Minefield?
January 7 2015 - In the third of a series of articles, Tony Brookes, Sales Director, Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software argues that effective Performance and Talent Management systems should be in place so that the candidate, who has been carefully selected, can be nurtured throughout their career.

X'ploring the freelance factor: why your best workers may not always be your employees
January 7 2015 - The working environment has changed drastically in the last ten years as technological advances have increasingly empowered today's workers to become increasingly global, mobile and flexible.

Recruitment - Now Less of a Minefield?
December 9 2014 - In this, the second article, Tony Brookes, Sales Director, Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software examines the vital next steps and takes a look at additional ways to ensure a recruitment strategy really delivers

Recruitment - Still a Minefield?
November 12 2014 - In the first of a series of articles, Tony Brookes, Sales Director, Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software looks at implementing an HR Strategy that Delivers Optimum Results.

It's time to focus on Candidate care
September 12 2014 - Unfortunately the negative feeling and publicity surrounding recruitment agencies is largely self inflicted. Like any industry there are great practitioners and there are cowboys operating in the space.

Big Data - Turning the Data Deluge into Strategic Value
December 3 2013 - While the focus in many companies is on long term projects to improve customer understanding, there are other areas of the business, most notably employee recruitment and development, where big data should be making a real difference.

How can employment lawyers help headhunters place candidates more swiftly?
December 21 2012 - Picture the scenario: an ideal candidate for a role is found, the candidate can't wait to start and your client is eager to announce his joining. Then the candidate mentions in passing that he has a 12 month garden leave clause and post-termination restrictive covenant in his contract which prevent him from working for a competitor. Sound familiar?

HR and Spotting Fraud
March 25 2012 - It's surprisingly easy to take on someone who isn't who they say they are, especially when your focus is on can they do the job in question, not who they say they might be.

'Computer says no': Are you unwittingly discriminating with personality testing? (Part 2)
March 12 2012 - In this article, we look at how employers might seek to resolve the problem of discrimination against disabled participants in personality tests and the pitfalls associated with trying to make reasonable adjustments.

'Computer says no': Are you unwittingly discriminating with personality testing? (Part 1)
January 25 2012 - There are strong, well-rehearsed arguments both for and against the use of personality testing, but we have identified a particular, and thus far potentially overlooked, risk of discrimination against disabled participants.

Hiring and managing in the cloud - a guide for SMEs
December 19 2011 - One of the most exciting new trends in recent years has been the emergence of the human cloud, as more and more businesses go online to hire and manage talented staff on an hourly or project basis.

Recruiters Wary Of Social Media
August 26 2010 - 65 per cent of graduate recruiters are wary of using social media and one in seven perceives it as 'dangerous'.

Online Recruitment
July 16 2007 - Online recruitment has the virtue of being available to candidates and employers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year. It is always on and easily adjustable to meet changing requirements.

Making the most of psychometrics
August 24 2006 - Change management and training consultancy, cda, believes that too many companies are failing to maximize on the benefits of using psychometrics as an integral part of their recruitment policy.

Discrepancies in applications
August 22 2006 - A recent survey found that 25 per cent of applications had at least one major discrepancy.

CIPD/KPMG Survey Shows Communication Skills, Work Ethic And Personality Are Top Requirements
August 21 2006 - A survey of over 1400 UK employers, shows that while literacy and numeracy are key skills looked for when recruiting from the current crop of school leavers, the attributes that top the list are communication skills, work ethic and personality.

Recruitment Fraud
3 February 2006 - Employers are increasingly at risk from so-called serial job-seekers who are hoping to trigger legal claims for discrimination. Legal experts have warned of the threat to organisations that are unaware of the subtle differences to multiple job applications from the same candidate who is hoping to catch them out.

Just 6% of job ads mention pensions
18 August 2005 - Employers are keeping quiet about their pension provision - or lack of provision - for new recruits, according to a TUC annual survey.

Cost v. Time
16 August 2005 - A quarter of the UK's workforce now expect to find their next job online but the UK's recruiters are still behind the game when it comes to their ability to realise and leverage the benefits of online applications.

USA 90% vs. UK 10%
20 July 2005 - Only around 10 per cent of HR professionals in the UK within large organisations use applicant tracking systems, as opposed to approximately 90 per cent in the US.

What test should I use today? Pros and cons for recruiting managers
27 January 2005 - Managers involved in recruiting have more possibilities for assessment available now than ever before, says Robert Edenborough of KPMG.

Recruitment: What is the return on your investment?
21 May 2004 - As organisations, one of the biggest investments we will ever make is in recruitment, says Ed Hurst

1. E-cruitment is revolutionising the Recruitment Industry
30 January 2004 - Michael Stamp's series of articles on how online recruitment and the use of new emerging technologies have many advantages for the modern recruiter.

2. A Searching Strategy

Introduction to Online Recruitment
21 February 2003 - The real strength and power of online recruitment, when done properly, lie in harnessing internet technology to not just attract candidates but to deal with them too.

Straight & Wobbly lines to the US
10 April 2002 - Are web-based recruitment methods so wonderful? London-based John Scott tries to find a job in the USA.

Any jobs going for astronauts?
5 September 2001 - Superhero, trapeze artist, goddess, astronaut and slave are just some of jobs people have looked for online, according to an analysis of 6 million career searches made on Fish4jobs during the past month.

Small firms lose staff to large companies
17 April 2001 - The belief that small companies poach trained staff from large businesses is a myth.

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