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Discover The Benefits Of Using SEO In The Hiring Process

December 23 2022 - HR professionals involved in recruitment have a number of online tools and techniques at their disposal these days, to help them in their search for new employees.

A particularly useful tactic, which nonetheless is frequently overlooked, is the employment of SEO techniques to drive traffic to particular job listings.

If you are an HR professional keen to find ways to attract new talent, read on to learn how SEO can assist. You will discover the different SEO techniques you can employ to widen the audience for your listings.

Make The Most Of Your Keywords

As you may know, keywords are the building blocks of SEO, allowing your job listing to climb up through the ranks on Google and become more visible to potential candidates. To achieve this higher ranking, however, you must use keywords that are both relevant to your job and have the right search levels. This will give you the best possible chance of finding the ideal candidates.

Not sure how to find the right keywords and employ them to their best advantage? Perhaps you should consider hiring SEO professionals to assist you, such as Candidsky, one of the highest rated SEO companies in Manchester. Their expert team can conduct relevant keyword research for your brand, and help you craft a tailored SEO campaign that will help your company stand out from the crowd and hopefully attract the top talent.

Optimise All Sites

In order to make the most of your SEO usage, it's not enough to simply optimise one job description; you should include SEO tactics across all sites, from your company's webpage to your listings on various job search sites.

In particular, you should be focusing on optimising certain aspects of each page, such as the title of each page, subheadings, the metadata, and the first one hundred words of text.

This strategic use of SEO will help maximise your listings' visibility while simultaneously using certain keywords to target the best candidates.

Analyse Your SEO Progress

A significant part of your SEO recruitment strategy should consist of monitoring your progress, so you can see which tactics are proving more effective than others.

To help you get a clear picture of how your campaign is going, you should measure metrics such as how many organic visitors you are gaining through search engines, your conversion rate, and your search engine rankings.

Get Social

Last but not least, besides the use of straightforward SEO techniques such as placing keywords on listings and your company site, you can also use posts on your social media channels to raise awareness regarding your recruitment possibilities.

Having a strong social media presence can aid you in your search for new hires, and you can use to your accounts to post links to more detailed job descriptions so potential candidates can easily apply.

Using a combination of SEO and social media in your recruitment drive should hopefully help you climb up the rankings and stand out from the other companies in your industry, so you won't lose out on the highest calibre candidates.

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