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Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Being Your Own Boss: How to Launch Your Decorating Business
February 7 2024 - This guide will walk you through the key steps of getting your UK-based decorating business off the ground.

The Complete and Only Business Startup Checklist That You’ll Ever Need
March 29 2023 - The decision to strike out on your own is an exciting and brave one. Now, you must make the best use of your time and energy.

How To Get Your Business Ready For Launch Day: 4 Top Tips
February 13 2023 - Launching a business is both a very exciting and very stressful experience as there is a lot riding on your business doing well.

Tips For Building A Workforce For A Startup
October 20 2022 - It is hard to recruit to a startup, especially when competing against established brands with more resources.

How Small Businesses Can Improve Their Human Resources Department
September 3 2022 - Here are some ways that small businesses can improve their HR departments without growing their team excessively.

Three Top Tips to Raise the Profile of Your Small Business
August 24 2022 - Any small business that seeks growth and increased revenue streams needs to take significant steps to raise its profile. In the early stages of operation,

How Can Businesses Maintain A Steady Cash Flow In 2022? 6 Top Tips
August 3 2022 - This guide will show you how - and discuss topics such as company expense management, automation, and much more.

Key Tips for Finding the Best Tradesfolk to Work on Your Home
May 30 2022 - Renovations often require skilled workers, which can be difficult to come across without some serious vetting.

Succession Planning vs. Exit Planning: Which Do You Use?
April 11 2022 - Looking to prepare your business for the distant future? Click here for our guide to succession and exit planning

5 Ways To Tighten Business Security
February 15 2022 - Business security isn’t a core operation for most organizations. However, this doesn’t make it less essential.

Employee Perks Every Small Business Can Afford
January 12 2022 - A variety of different employee perks will help your team feel appreciated and ensure they are invested in their work.

The Top Three Aspects You Should Consider When Looking for a Serviced Office
November 28 2021 - If you've already decided that a serviced office is worth looking into, there's an even bigger question: how can you select the ideal one?

4 Things Retailers Need to Consider
October 29 2021 - Here are a few considerations to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Business Management Tools for Entrepreneurs
October 23 2021 - There are a lot of elements of running a business that can be improved or outsourced.

HR Considerations When Starting Your Dental Practice
October 16 2021 - Most dentists forget that just having basic knowledge of running a business, managing people, and understanding finances are not enough to succeed.

How to Start an Entrepreneurial Venture Successfully
October 12 2021 - Starting an entrepreneurial venture from the ground up isn't easy.

8 Important Steps Every SME Should Take
September 27 2021 - These are interesting times for SMEs - not just global brand names.

Leadership in the Age of Gig Economy
August 20 2021 - Since businesses have to manage both their full-time employees and freelancers, managers need to reconsider their roles. Here’s what leaders need to know about the gig economy.

Getting the Best Accountants in Central London
February 1 2021 - For a company that needs to outsource or use an in-house accountant, getting the best of the best is of the utmost priority.

Business Management: Overcoming a Slow Start
December 18 2020 - As discouraging as it might be, it can be quite easy for a startup to end up with a slow start.

4 Bad Practices to Avoid When Running a Startup
November 22 2020 - If you don't want to put your newly established company in jeopardy and end your entrepreneurial aspirations before you've even begun, you must always be mindful of the way that you run your startup.

Top Tips for a Speedy Business Sale
October 14 2020 - Stepping away from your company isn't always straightforward, but it needn't take forever. Click here for our tips on selling your business quickly.

Protect Your Business and Your Employees: A Guide
June 17 2020 - If you care about your employee’s wellbeing and the future of your business, here are some top tips to help you to protect them.

3 Tips to Improve Your Business
March 9 2020 - If you're just starting out, or even if you're already established, here are some tips that might be useful in improving your business.

What Does it Take to Become a Unicorn Startup?
February 24 2020 - A unicorn startup, or unicorn company, is a privately owned business that is valued at over $1 billion. Although still very much a rarity, the number of unicorn startups is higher than ever.

4 Ways You Should Care for Employees Within a Small Business
January 28 2020 - When you are running a small business with a smaller team, it's essential to make sure the team feels properly cared for.

How to get the most out of direct marketing
January 24 2020 - It can be an effective way to get your name out there and attract individuals to your brand.

How to Pay Yourself as a Business Owner
September 27 2019 - Even though you run everything, the government still wants to see your pay stubs. If you're wondering how to pay yourself as a business owner, click here.

Letting commercial properties: landlord responsibilities
September 12 2019 - When you let a commercial property, you must ensure the premises are safe for people to work in. Find out what your landlord responsibilities are here.

4 Ways to Hire the Best Employees for Your Start-up
August 9 2019 - Choosing the right staff is not an easy task, so it is advisable to be cautious at this stage and only hire staff who will be indispensable to your team.

How to Use Angle Brackets
July 19 2019 - Whether you're a do-it-yourself working on a home improvement project or a novice contractor who is just learning the ins and outs of the construction trade, it helps to have a solid working knowledge of how to use angle brackets.

Ways to Optimise and Save Your Company Money
July 1 2019 - Balancing a corporate budget is a difficult task, especially when you consider how many aspects there are to running a business.

4 Steps to Reducing Expenses in the Workplace
April 18 2019 - In a business, one of the primary objectives should be to keep expenses as low as possible.

How To Start An eCommerce Business
April 4 2019 - Read on to find out how to get started and create a good business to take wherever you want it to go.

An Easy Step-By-Side Guide to Creating Your Ecommerce Strategy [Infographic]
October 30 2018 - The first step to setting up an online store is to create a strategy.

Seven Tips To Successful Working Relationships In a Family Business
July 17 2018 - Brookman Solicitors reveal the seven tips to successful working relationships in a family business based on a recent relationship survey of over 1000 individuals.

10 Crucial Signs That Your Startup May Not Work
January 30 2018 - In spite of all the obstacles and challenges, people are happier when they try to do something for themselves and not work for a corporation.

Uncertainty surrounding the UK hotel industry: the actions hoteliers should take
January 9 2017 - What does the future hold for the UK's hotel industry?

Bid Writing: 5 Tips to Increase the Quality of Your Bid
February 25 2016 - Bid writing is difficult, but writing an effective bid that really stands out is your best bet of getting the job you want, especially if you're a freelancer.

Avoid These Start Up HR Mistakes
September 11 2015 - So, you have a great business idea and you want to follow it through. You are smart, and you have a good team behind you. What could possibly go wrong?

Red Tape Deters Recruitment
April 5 2006 - Between them, small businesses in the UK are spending half a billion (500,000,000) hours each year meeting the demands of government regulations and paperwork.

Entrepreneurship in the UK
March 1 2006 - The London Business School survey of 32,500 adults across the country on their views about entrepreneurship and whether they were involved in any entrepreneurial activity.

UK Firms Do Well in European Small Business League
May 2 2002 - Reacte, the first European benchmarking report, compared 1390 small businesses in nine different countries - UK, Austria, Germany, Spain, Greece, Ireland, Italy and Portugal - and measured their performances against each other in key aspects of their businesses.



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