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Three Top Tips to Raise the Profile of Your Small Business

August 24 2022 - In the UK in 2022, there are 5.82 million small businesses; that is companies that are in the early stages of growth with between 0 and 49 employees. Clearly, this is a significant number of small organisations that are operating in an increasingly competitive marketplace. With the growth of the internet, trade is now taking place on an international scale, even for smaller businesses and start-ups. Any small business that seeks growth and increased revenue streams needs to take significant steps to raise its profile. In the early stages of operation, a business may not be visible to its target market and must seek to undertake strategies that boost its visibility and improve its profile in the marketplaces it operates in. In this article, three top tips and strategies that small business owners can use to raise the profile of their company will be discussed in detail.

1. Harness the Power of SEO

It is of paramount importance that your small business has its own dedicated website. In 2022, less than 64% of small businesses in the UK had a company website. This is a surprisingly low figure as most business owners recognise the value of a company website. It can be a vital platform to grow your customer base and generate increased sales. It can also be a powerful channel of communication and promotion once a company obtain the email addresses of paying customers which can then be used to drive tailored marketing campaigns.

Once your small business has its own dedicated website, itís important to ensure that it follows search engine optimization (SEO) best practice. This helps to boost its page ranking on organic web searches. There are many resources online that demonstrate how to improve the SEO of a website. Key strategies include having high quality content and informative, professionally researched articles. In addition, fast page loading times and smooth navigation between pages on a variety of devices (including smartphones and tablets) will help to boost SEO and allow your site to rank higher and therefore improve your profile and visibility to your target market.

2. Consider Renting Office Space

It is vitally important to project a business-like and professional profile. Many small businesses start up from home, but this tends not to lend credibility to operations when a customer sees a residential address. Having managed office space such as that provided by allows your growing team to work from one location and improves teamwork. Whilst remote working certainly has its place in 2022 and can give flexibility to working practices, a dedicated office space will always be the best choice for collaboration. In addition, having a business postal address in a prestigious location can dramatically boost the profile and respectability of any organisation. Put simply, customers and other stakeholders within the industry will see the address and immediately associate the business with one that is professional.

3. Stand out in the Marketplace

Another key way to improve the profile of your small business is to ensure that the product or service that you provide is different and unique to the offerings of your closest competitors. By having a differentiated product in terms of its unique features, your product will instantly stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace. It is important to tie in these unique features with the wants and needs of your target market so that you are offering a tailored product or service that perfectly suits their needs. Having a differentiated product also helps to avoid price wars with your closet competitors which can be damaging for both businesses.



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