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UK Job Market Articles

Employment Statistics
Monthly UK employment and unemployment statistics.

Your Quick Guide to Handling Unemployment Anxiety
August 19 2023 - If you've been out of work for some time, you're feeling the pressure. You can't help but feel anxious, scared, and overwhelmed.

Eight Ways To Politely Decline a Job Offer
December 2 2022 - There are many reasons why you might turn down an offer, and we’ve compiled this list of eight ways to politely decline a job offer that you might find helpful if you’re ever in this situation.

Brexit and its impact on immigration to the UK
August 30 2023 - 2The aftermath of the Brexit referendum saw many businesses take the decision to either move large numbers of staff out of the UK and focus operations in the EU or further afield, or to close their UK operations all together.

How to Write a Results-Oriented Resume
June 22 2022 - You can probably write an average CV in an hour or two, but do you know how to craft a resume that will actually get you results?

How To Stand Out In A Competitive Job Market
March 12 2022 - It can be difficult to stand out in a competitive job market, which can make it very difficult for people to find rewarding work or change careers.

5 Job Resume Writing Tips to Help You Land a Job
October 14 2020 - A resume tells a company all they need to know about you. Click here to find job resume writing tips that will help you land a job.

Recruitment difficulties to continue
July 1 2018 - Potential candidates are being put off using recruitment agencies because of concerns about receiving details of irrelevanr jobs.

Changes to the UK's prevention of illegal working and civil penalty system
July 21 2014 - On 16 May 2014, a number of important changes to the UK's prevention of illegal working requirements and associated civil penalty scheme took force.

Coaching to improve youth employability
January 17 2014 - A recent presentation at the Annual Conference of the British Psychological Society’s Division of Occupational Psychology in Brighton put forward the view that when young people have a positive outlook, self-belief and skills for the workplace they are happier, sleep better and are more well-behaved.

Implications for business following the findings of the Government's consultation on the prevention of illegal working regime
November 11 2013 - Nearly 500 individuals, employers and representative organisations responded to the Government's consultation indicating broad support for the Government's aims to get tough on rogue employers whilst supporting compliant employers.

Engineering & IT Fuel August Rise in Permanent UK Jobs
September 19 2013 - A new job survey suggests that the labour market in the UK continues to strengthen as the total number of job vacancies increased at the sharpest rate in over six years.

Government proposals to overhaul the civil penalty regime for employers & top ten tips for right to work checks
August 19 2013 - Employers' duty to prevent illegal working is underpinned by a civil penalty regime which is now being reviewed with a raft of Government proposals aimed at strengthening and simplifying the system. The proposals are part of the forthcoming Immigration Bill designed to make it more difficult for illegal migrants to live and work in the UK.

Government declares that "Firms have a duty to hire Britons" but what are the implications for employers?
August 14 2013 - Surely such an approach amounts to discrimination, and downplays the merits of a flexible labour market? Or is it time for UK businesses that rely on migrant workers to rethink their recruitment culture?

Scotland overtakes London as worst region in the UK for unemployment
February 16 2012 - An analysis of UK local authority areas by claimant to vacancies ratio in January 2012 shows that a number of Scottish areas have passed the inner London boroughs to become the UK's worst employment blackspots.

Limits on Non-EU Migrant Workers Entering the UK
As a first step towards a reduction in non-EU migration, the independent Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has published the required limits on skilled and highly skilled migrant workers to be admitted to the United Kingdom under Tiers 1 and 2 of the Points Based System in 2011/12.

Working Mums Rely On Grandparents For Childcare
September 7 2010 - Nearly half of working parents (44 per cent) in the UK are reliant upon their own parents to help with childcare.

Gloomy Prognosis For Employment
June 10 2010 - CIPD forecasts unemployment will peak at close to 3 million by 2012 as a result of the coalition government's deficit reduction measures.

Small Businesses Create Most Jobs
May 19 2010 - Recent research from the Globalisation and Economic Policy Centre (GEP) at the University of Nottingham found that small businesses employing less than 100 workers account for 65 per cent of new British jobs created in an average year.

After Office
December 18 2007 - What Happens To Unemployed Politicians?

Temping Creating A Skill Gap According To TUC
November 21 2007 - The TUC contends that agency temps who are on long-term working assignments are running the risk of being excluded from permanent jobs because of a skills divide in the workplace.

The Knowledge Economy
September 25 2007 - London and the south east have the most high-skill, high-pay, high-productivity jobs.

More UK Jobs Created Than Destroyed
February 25 2007 -

February 25 2007 - New research from the Globalisation and Economic Policy Centre at The University of Nottingham has found that 1 in 7 private sector jobs are lost in the UK each year but more are created than destroyed.

TUC goes to Poland
October 18 2006 - A TUC delegation is heading for Poland to advise prospective migrant workers on British employment law and union membership before they set off for the UK.

Costs of staff turnover
Updated August 14 2006 - This year's annual survey of recruitment, retention and turnover conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development finds that turnover increased from 16 to 18 per cent in 2005.

A Job Centre in Bolton demanded that "friendly" be removed from a job ad on the basis that it discriminates against the unfriendly - "enthusiastic" and "motivated" have also been victims of similar bans.

Oxfam seeking talent for top overseas jobs June 12 2004 - Oxfam's International Division has launched a specialist international recruitment campaign to attract management high-fliers from both corporate and public sectors.

Working After State Pension Age
June 27 2003 - A report published earlier this year by the Department for Work and Pensions provides information on the labour market participation of older people at, and after, the State Pension Age (SPA).

Still tied to Mum's apron strings
March 23 2001 - Research by the Future Foundation - The Renaissance of Regional Nations - shows that almost two-thirds of adult Britons live within an hour's journey of their mother with almost a third living less than 15 minutes away!

Out of work couples targeted in jobs drive
March 19 2001 - The Government announced today that young unemployed couples without children (in Great Britain) will be expected to both actively seek work in order to claim Jobseeker's Allowance.

Leaving Jobseeker's Allowance for part-time work
March 2 2001 - An in-house report for the Department of Social Security identifies characteristics of clients leaving Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA) for part-time work (defined as work of under 16 hours per week) between 1996 and 1998, comparing them with characteristics of people leaving JSA for full-time work (over 16 hours per week).

New Deal: an Evaluation
October 26 2000 - Employment Minister Tessa Jowell argues that Britain's job market has the best employment features of its European and US equivalents. She said that the UK employment rate of 74.7% is the second highest in Europe (compared with the average of 62%).

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