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5 Job Resume Writing Tips to Help You Land a Job

Job resume writing

October 14 2020 - Trying to find a job is hard work. That's why having a good resume is crucial for landing the job. Employers use resumes to learn about applicants and how well they'll fit in the company.

A good resume stands out from the crowd. It will basically tell the employer to hire you over any other candidate. But how do you get your resume to be so outstanding?

It'll take a little work, but a stellar resume is within reach. Here are 5 job resume writing tips that will make you stand out from the crowd and get the job you want.

1. Review Industry Resumes

Before you start your resume, look at examples of resumes from the industry you're applying in. Research the best practices, templates, and what information they're looking for.

Specifically, look at the metrics they include and the professional language they use. These are qualities you'll want to borrow and make your own.

2. Use Keywords

Read the job listing first and pick out keywords from the description. These will be words that describe the person they're seeking and the duties the position is responsible for. Sections for requirements and qualifications are a good place to start.

Craft your resume using these keywords, and you'll look like the ideal candidate. Highlight the skills you have in terms of what the listing is looking for.

3. Active Language

Active language makes your resume engaging and easy to read. Use power words like achieved, completed, and accomplished as part of your summaries. Shorten sentences to increase their impact.

Chances are, you can say the same thing more concisely and powerfully. You can use a consulting company like Resume Pilots to make sure your resume is engaging.

4. Go Beyond Job Duties

Don't just only what responsibilities you had in your previous job. While it's important to communicate what experience you have, a resume is how you get a glimpse into you as a whole. A laundry list of qualifications won't share the whole story.

Be sure to include results-focused accomplishments, your unique skills, and why you're enthusiastic about your industry. Showing what you can bring to the table will set you apart.

5. Proofread

Once you finish your resume, read it. Then read it again; then, one more time because proofreading is essential to a good resume. You might be the exact candidate the job is looking for, but a misspelling can negate all your accomplishments.

Be sure that your resume is free of typos and reads clearly. Use a program to check spelling and grammar. And have a friend or family member look over the finished product.

Job Resume Writing Tips That Work

They say that if you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life. So find your dream job and apply for it. With these tips and a little tweaking, you can have a stellar resume that impresses any hiring manager who sees it.

Using these job resume writing tips, you'll be starting in your new position in no time.

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