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After redundancy: making the move from retail to teaching
October 18 2020 - Here are 6 reasons to consider training as a teacher with support from Transition to Teach

5 Amazing Reasons to Become a Life Coach
August 5 2020 - Are you wondering whether becoming a life coach is right for you? These 5 amazing reasons to become a life coach will help convince you.

How to Advance Your Teaching Career
April 23 2020 - Taking action to advance your career can help you earn more money, discover opportunities, meet new people, improve your job security and more.

6 Reasons to Study Business Management
February 22 2020 - Business management degrees have become increasingly popular in recent years, and they are some of the most commonly studied subjects in higher education.

CV vs Cover Letter: The Differences Explained
February 21 2020 - There are several differences between a CV and a cover letter. You can check out our CV vs cover letter comparative guide here

The 7 Best Online Architecture Courses
February 11 2020 - Discover how to advance your architecture career with these 7 online architecture courses. You'll advance your career faster than ever with these courses.

Jobs for Newbies: 3 Ways to Get Work Experience When You Don't Have Any
January 29 2020 - Are you braving the job market for the first time? You have to start somewhere. These are the best ways to get work experience for your first resume!

6 Ways to Cope When Facing Redundancy
November 6 2019 - With the right attitude and careful planning, you can turn this bump in the road into an exciting new adventure.

5 Careers that Are Eco-Friendly
October 31 2019 - If you're passionate about the environment, now would be the right time to consider a career in the protection and maintenance of our planet.

Small vs big business: where should you start your career?
October 28 2019 - We've examined how large and small businesses perform across six different topics to help people understand which size of company best fulfils what they want from a job.

Career Development for Your Company's Employees
August 6 2019 - As a vital aspect of talent management, career development is about letting people within the company reach their full potential.

How to Choose a Career - Tips on Choosing your Future
April 9 2019 - They say when you love your job, you never work a day in your life. Here are a few tips to choosing a career to last a lifetime.

Top five ambitious career paths for graduates
September 29 2015 - We've picked out five ambitious paths that show you can aim high and thrive as a graduate in the jobs market.

Five weird but wonderful careers
September 1 2015 - Dream jobs are often unique, somewhat unconventional and can be a little wild and they make people wonder about how much fun it would be to do them compared to what they usually do on their daily grind.

How to Find the Right Management Qualification for your Career
May 5 2015 - Here's how to find the course that best suits you and your career aspirations.

Employability and Student Choice
July 21 2012 - As students we are not only studying for a degree - we are also developing our own personal brands and turning ourselves into marketable products.

Are you on career suicide watch?
September 14 2010 - Top five tips on managing a successful career change.

Graduate Training in Northern Ireland
December 12 2006 - Invest Northern Ireland has recently appointed business and IT technology services organization Parity, in partnership with Envision, to deliver a new graduate export development programme.

Childhood Aspirations May Be Key
September 14 2006 - Children in the UK dream of becoming a teacher, footballer or police officer, according to new research for Jobcentre Plus, part of the Department for Work and Pensions. The poll of 397 children aged 5-11, conducted by LVQ Research revealed that boys are most likely to aspire to sporting careers or working for emergency services and girls to caring or nurturing professions. One in ten boys (10 per cent) dream of being a footballer and 7 per cent a police officer or fireman; while 13 per cent of girls would like to become a teacher and 9 per cent a nurse.


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