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8 Insider Tips on How to Pass Your QuickBooks Certification Exam

QuickBooks certification exam

July 20 2021 - QuickBooks online gained 1.1 million new customers in 2019. If you or your business isn't leveraging their services, then you're making a huge mistake!

QuickBooks helps millions of Americans find success with bookkeeping tasks. You can also learn how to become a pro by passing the QuickBooks certification exam. Doing so will help you grow, build trust, and secure a higher income.

Are you ready to learn how to get certified and prove your expertise? We've got you covered. Read on to discover our top eight tips on how to pass the exam with ease.

1. Know Your Options

In 2021, you might be wary of certifications and exams due to the virus situation. The good news is that you can seek out a certification from home for QuickBooks! With that in mind, it's a great time to get certified especially if Covid is still a threat in your area.

2. Get Familiar With QuickBooks

You can't seek out a certification for something you know nothing about.

Take the time to get to know QuickBooks before you even begin to study the material. Otherwise, you may struggle to understand any type of training materials.

3. Study What You Need to Know

Are you ready to start studying?

In QuickBooks online, click on the certification tab. You'll find free training materials right here! Use these tools to begin studying what you need to know.

4. Take a Pre-Certification Test

Once you've studied a bit, it's a good idea to take a pre-certification test.

This type of test will help you identify your strong and weak points. Once you've taken one, you can maximize your studying by ensuring your focusing on what you need to.

5. Take Advantage of Online Training Tools

Free online training tools will help give you a better idea of what to expect on your exam.

Be sure to take advantage of these tools while you prepare to become a pro.

6. Write Notes

Listening to a video or reading an article won't cut it.

While studying, take notes. Use highlighters and jot down your thoughts. These actions will help you retain information for the big day.

7. Prepare the Day in Advance

Your exam prep should begin the day before your test.

Eat well, hydrate, get a good night's rest, and make sure not to do anything stressful. It's also better not to cram any new information on that day before the test.

8. Don't Panic!

On the big day, don't panic. Try not to stress.

Instead, focus on the task at hand. Know that you'll have more opportunities to re-take the test if you don't meet your goal.

Ace the QuickBooks Certification Exam in 2021

If you can ace the QuickBooks certification exam, then you'll reap the rewards right away. Your certification will provide tangible proof to potential employers or clients. By boosting your credibility, you can boost your income.

Are you looking for more pro tips to help you thrive this year? If so, then we'll help build your base of knowledge and increase your earning potential. Browse through our main web page for more insights you don't want to miss.



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