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Articles About Flexibility at Work

Perspectives on Flexibility and Homeworking
Updated May 5 2024 - Homeworking has gone in and out of fashion over the last two decades with implications for both employing organizations and employees.

Managing absenteeism
February 20 2024 - Since the COVID pandemic, absenteeism has re-emerged as a significant problem.

Why last-minute leave is top of the workforce wishlist
July 26 2023 - The rocketing demand for last minute getaways can also be explained by the continued rise of flexible working options across businesses and industries.

Are working parents being pushed out of shift-based jobs?
July 3 2023 - Being a parent is a full-time job in its own right and combining that with work comes with a set of unique challenges.

Time to transform your business for the better? A hybrid working model is the key to success
February 9 2023 - To return to the office or not to return? Where is the best place for my team to work most effectively?

Managing A Team of Remote Workers & Agencies
December 22 2022 - To be successful in managing a remote team, you need to have the right tools and strategies in place.

How Do You Retain Staff During ‘The Great Resignation’?
April 29 2022 - In what has been dubbed 'The Great Resignation', employers are finding it harder than ever to maintain their staff and are often even unable to find new hires - when there is a supposed surplus of workers.

Workation: embracing the blurred lines between leisure and work
April 20 2022 - As work and play mix, can what sounds like an idyllic vacation become simply the new 9-5.

Wanting to get employees back in? You’ll need to adapt the office space first
April 6 2022 - To attract and retain top talent, office spaces must be reimagined with the employee experience in mind.

Is it the death of the 'office job'?
March 29 2022 - The idea of what an ‘office job’ is has changed in people’s minds.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows: tackling the issues of hybrid work
August 19 2021 - Widespread remote work has now become the norm and companies have had to quickly adapt to employees’ needs.

How to Care for Employees Post-Pandemic
May 22 2021 - As life is gradually returning to normal for people and businesses across the UK, organisations of every size must ensure their staff members experience a smooth transition back into normal working life.

Hybrid working: Proactively preparing for the return to work
March 14 2021 - Once restrictions are lifted, any managing director or business owner expecting employees to return to the office and slip straight back into the standard nine to five routine is in for a major surprise. It just isn’t going to happen.

Will more people consider moving abroad now they can work from home?
September 29 2020 - The world is your oyster as a digital nomad.

Waving goodbye to working nine to five
September 21 2020 - Any change from the status quo is challenging, but this one is particularly so because there are many barriers to overcome.

Expert Guide to Work from Home Smarter
July 10 2020 - It will be important to remember that there are many competitive advantages of keeping the remote work models we've had to adopt during this unprecedented time.

Managing a Dispersed Workforce
June 3 2020 - Britain's biggest industries are facing a productivity crisis as the UK's workforce grapples with working from home.

Getting remote working right with people analytics and reporting
April 3 2020 - The workforce as we know it is changing, with organisations closing their offices and turning to remote working to keep the business operating as functionally as possible.

How to secure the right interim executive?
July 24 2019 - They work particularly well for organisations going through a period of business transformation, where an interim executive can provide stability and support through a time of change.

A lesson for businesses on attracting the App Generation
April 24 2018 - With this new 'app generation' already starting to enter the world of work, businesses must prepare for a whole host of new expectations and digital preferences.

Uberisation: how agile working works for lawyers
October 27 2016 - Agile working has become a paramount concern for many employers, high on their agenda because they recognise that it can help to create a more efficient and effective organization.

Working for your Workers
September 1 2016 - To put it simply: our relationship to work has changed.

Employers should help staff become magistrates
September 17 2005 - Employers are being encouraged to give staff time off to serve as magistrates in a new ad campaign.

Flexible working reduces absenteeism
12 July 2001 - Research reported by the Industrial Society indicates that flexible working patterns can help to reduce absenteeism.



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