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How Do You Retain Staff During 'The Great Resignation'?

April 29 2022 - In what has been dubbed 'The Great Resignation', employers are finding it harder than ever to maintain their staff and are often even unable to find new hires - when there is a supposed surplus of workers.

This is concerning for employers, as staff roles left unfulfilled leave the pressure and workload to pile up on other staff members, who, in the current climate, give no guarantees as to whether they will stay for the long run or take up a better offer somewhere else.

What exactly has driven workers to resign in record numbers? Many have pointed to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on how workers view their lives, giving everyone a new perspective on areas such as relationships, priorities, and careers and work too.

After having a large amount of time taken away by lockdowns and restrictions, it seems that people are putting more value on their time than ever before - so clearly, it’s not just about finances. Read on to find out more about how to incentivize your staff to remain working with you.

Flexible working

One working revolution that Covid-19 can take lots of responsibility for is the normalization of working from home. With offices shut and social distancing measures firmly in place, these spaces became dangerous to use without risking your workforce contracting the virus.

With workers moving from their familiar office spaces to in their own homes, many assumed that this would have a detrimental impact on productivity - but according to a number of recent studies, the opposite is true.

Allowing your staff to work flexibly, whether this is hybrid work-from-home or ‘flexitime’ - the system of totaling up to over time to allow for earlier finishes on other days - will help to boost morale as your team will have more control over their time.

Modern tech

Alongside working from home, the presence of modern computer systems and laptops within people’s homes means that work setups can often be inferior to the personal systems people have made for themselves.

Especially for younger generations, there is an expectation that tech is modern, efficient, and easy to use - which means that if your office is still using Windows Vista, it’s very likely having a detrimental effect on worker morale.

With the ever-increasing nature of the computer resources required to run business operations, from programs to data analysis, and advanced visuals, investing in business graphics cards such as AMD Business will give the efficiency of your team a huge boost, as well as provide highly-modern security functionality.

Improve company benefits

As mentioned earlier, 'The Great Resignation' shows that being happy at work isn’t all about the salary, and increasingly businesses are offering benefits that are highly useful to their staff outside of work, such as gym memberships.

If workers know that they will have access to a great work/life balance and that their employers are actively helping this and are aware of the importance, it will go a long way to encouraging them to stay in the long run.



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