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Protecting Your Human Resources: Qualifications That Develop And Protect Workers
September 4 2023 - HR managers act as the first line of defence against potential hazards. Their proactive approach is instrumental in preventing accidents and ensuring a productive, healthy workplace.

Utilising L&D as a productivity enabler amidst ongoing job losses and a recession
May 10 2023 - The tech industry has been under a cloud of negativity due to the barrage of layoffs over the past six months

Investing in Employee Development: A Win-Win for Your Staff and Your Business
March 25 2023 - As a business owner or manager, it is important to invest in your employees' development to retain top talent, boost employee engagement, and increase productivity.

Top Training Tips For Human Resource Teams
December 20 2022 - Check out these top tips for training sessions that will make the job easier, and help you conduct a successful training session.

Want to transform your managers into true leaders? Here’s how to do it
November 2 2022 - Being a manager doesn’t automatically make someone into a leader.

Professional Development: How to Start Enhancing and Developing Skills
December 26 2021 - Developing skills not only will help you become a valuable candidate when seeking a job, but it also will make you better in any given position.

How to improve employee training delivery
May 21 2021 - You can’t expect your employees to know everything. They might be talented, smart, and dedicated, but you still need to focus on employee training.

If you think of mentoring as 'giving back’ you’ve missed the boat!
January 6 2021 - Taking on graduate employees is a fantastic thing to do; they often bring a vitality and enthusiasm to what may be their first real experience of the world of work.

How can employers support new graduate employees?
October 1 2020 - Taking on graduate employees is a fantastic thing to do; they often bring a vitality and enthusiasm to what may be their first real experience of the world of work.

Leadership and coaching is set to become the 'new normal'
August 28 2020 - Now is a pivotal moment for organisations to ensure they have strong leaders who can rise to the challenge.

HR Management Can be the Key to Future-Proofing Your Workforce
January 14 2020 - It is true that millions of jobs may be affected one way or another by the digital revolution. Regrettably, there are a number of people in the UK who don't think this digital revolution is going to affect their jobs.

4 Ways To Develop Your Skills For Your First Management Role
1 December 2019 - Developing the right skills can put you in contention for a management role, so here's what you should consider if you're looking to do just that.

Training Your Company's Managers to Become More Effective Leaders
30 November 2019 - Once hired, ongoing professional development is critical for managers who hope to be effective leaders.

Why the Best Leaders are Born Learners
24 September 2019 - The best leaders aren't the most infallible or capable - they're the men and women who seek always to improve.

The surprising secret to workplace productivity
12 March 2019 - An unconventional technique, yet nonetheless effective, is to improve an employee's memory skills.

5 Key Behavioural Traits of Successful Leaders
25 May 2018 - It is easy to assume that there are natural leaders, and those who simply aren't up to the task of managing other people, but this just isn't true.

DTL Letter to editor in response to Reform report on apprenticeship levy
13 April 2018 - A newly-published report by the think tank Reform correctly identifies some of the issues raised by the Apprenticeship Levy but is wide of the mark on three counts.

Business skills are more important than ever post-Brexit
September 1 2016 - If the people who are supposed to hold the reigns of the business world are unsure of their ground, how on earth must young people feel when faced with the prospect of getting on the corporate job ladder?

Laying the foundations for a sustainable future: How to start a successful internship programme
August 8 2013 - A strategic internship programme can give you the satisfaction of training future employees for a successful, enjoyable career.

Internships & HR - What You Need in Place
July 30 2013 - When managed with transparency and care, business internships create a win-win situation. Properly managed interns gain confidence and priceless work experience, and the advantages of taking on a good intern are innumerable.

How we isolate talent
August 1 2012 - Organizations seek the best talent. We target individuals that stand out and assume they bring with them the talent shown in previous posts. If they fail to perform at the level we anticipate, HR managers and the board are left wondering what went wrong.

Basic Skills Need Improvement
December 13 2011 - Graduate unemployment is at a record level but many organizations say they cannot find the right talent.

More Effort Needed For Apprentice Training
August 18 2010 - Employers are failing to provide enough places on schemes that provide on-the-job training, according to the TUC.

European Skills in Demand
March 31 2010 - According to CEDEFOP (The European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training) most of the projected 8.5 new jobs created in Europe over the next ten years will be in knowledge- and skill-intensive occupations, including high level management and technical jobs.

Learning and Skills Council Funded Courses
March 25 2010 - Almost five million people participated in a Learning and Skills Council funded Further Education course in 2008/09 according to figures released by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).

Staff Training - 'Every Little Helps'
April 11 2008 - Good employees are the greatest asset for any organisation and to invest in them provides a definite return on investment, adding value to the company as a whole. Sarah Alsop head of operations at leading global recruiters Source People discusses how companies like McDonald's are 'supersizing' their workforce through professional development.

Film Industry Training Board (FITB)
April 6 2008 - The Film Industry Training Board has been set up to enhance skills development in the UK film industry. This is the first industrial training board to be launched in two decades.

IiP May Contribute 'Little If Anything'
February 27 2008 - A significant number of minority groups are disadvantaged with regard to training provision in workplaces with Investors in People (IiP) accreditation compared to those without the award.

Trainers Conflict With Senior Management
January 17 2007 - A recent survey survey of in-house training professionals by The Ken Blanchard Companies finds that senior managers are undermining the training programmes they have asked for

Combined Effort Needed For Apprentice Training
November 28 2006 - A new report from the CIPD finds that despite Government efforts, take-up of apprenticeships by large employers remains limited.

Coaching Supervision
September 27 2006 - New research by the CIPD finds that despite a dramatic growth in the use of coaching in organizations in recent years, very few are using supervision to support their coaches and to get the best value from their coaching services.

UK Facing Skills Crisis
September 5 2006 - The report entitled '2020 vision for skills' is a response to the review of skills needs for 2020, called for by Chancellor of Exchequer Gordon Brown in his 2004 budget.

Toyota's 'Train the Trainer' Centre Opens
25 March 2006 - Toyota has officially opened its European Global Production Centre (E-GPC) in the grounds of its UK production facility at Burnaston, Derbyshire this week. The E-GPC is a 'train the trainer' centre where future trainers from Toyota's European plants will be taught production and maintenance skills

First destinations for Scottish graduates
7 December 2005 - Four out of 5 new graduates from Scottish universities and colleges are taking jobs in Scotland - and 90% of Scottish graduates are doing so.

Psychology of Management
3 August 2005 - The CIPD has developed a Certificate in the Psychology of Management designed to help those involved in managing people to understand employee behaviour and offer alternative and practical ways of achieving change.

Learning survey
10 June 2005 - A quarter of British office workers blame their 'David Brent' style bosses for holding back their development, according to recent research conducted for the online learning specialist, SkillSoft.

HRD in small and medium-sized enterprises
18 January 2005 - The British small business sector has a long-standing reputation for poor training levels but there are considerable variations between the smallest (micro-enterprises) and larger SMEs.

Interactive and experiential learning to increase Business Performance
21 May 2004 - Interactive, experiential techniques have great potential to achieve sustainable and tangible business benefits, says Mark Mortimer.

Coaching survey
8 May 2004 - A recent CIPD study shows that coaching is increasingly popular as a means of promoting learning and development.

Targeted Talent Management
7 May 2004 - Most large organisations talk about Talent Management as part of their wider strategy. It is a crucial way of securing, developing and motivating people with the right skills and approaches to meet business objectives, says Ed Hurst, Head of Consultancy at ASE

Financial services get the most from e-learning
30 April 2004 - Businesses in the financial services sector have been more successful in the implementation of e-learning than firms in any other industry, according to research by e-learning provider SkillSoft.

Unions contribute to workplace learning
27 April 2004 - Two reports show that union learning reps have encouraged 25,000 fellow workers to try some form of workplace learning in the year since learning representatives were given new legal rights to promote learning at work.

Skills shortage to drive training budget increases
26 April 2004 - Greater confidence in the economy, along with fears of skills shortages, is leading to more concerted investment in training and development.

Graduates value higher education
26 February 2004 - A report from the Institute for Employment Studies, shows that most graduates think it was worthwhile.

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