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How to improve employee training delivery

May 21 2021 - You canít expect your employees to know everything. They might be talented, smart, and dedicated, but you still need to focus on employee training. This will turn talented employees into experts and ensure that your business runs smoothly. If your business needs to improve its employee training, this guide is the place to start. Hereís how to improve employee training delivery.

Involve management

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make is not involving management in the training process. Instead of outsourcing training, itís important that management are heavily involved. This has a few distinct benefits. Firstly, this shows employees that the company is taking training seriously. If management is taking their time to sit in on the training programmes or even delivering them personally, it shows that it is worth everyoneís time. Secondly, when high-level employees are present, they can ensure that the training is relevant and useful to the other employees. Finally, if you outsource training, you have less control over the content.

Set goals

Goals are essential to the delivery of high-quality training. For example, what exactly do you want employees to learn from the training sessions? And how are you going to test their knowledge? Answering these questions before the training begins will allow you to measure the success of the training.

Use visual aids and tasks

Sitting in a room listening to someone speak for hours is tough. It doesnít matter how invested you are in the topic; itís hard to stay focused and take information in. So donít put your employees through this. The training needs to be dynamic if you want employees to retain the information. Use visual aids to help employees visualise what youíre saying. Also, involve tasks that help employees put the training into practice.

Test new techniques

The key to great employee training is testing new techniques and thinking outside the box. Stand in front of a presentation for hours, and you can guarantee that employees will dread training. However, if you keep it fresh, you will have a better chance of keeping them interested. For example, if your company sells a technical product and you want your marketing team to understand it properly, you should take them to see it working in person. This will help them understand it much better than showing them a couple of slides.

Get content made professionally

The quality of your employee training programme relies on high-quality content. You could try and create it in-house, but itís going to be much better if you outsource it to a professional. Elearning content production is available for businesses and gives you the chance to create high-end training programs for your employees, including graphics, animations, and more. Plus, you can be involved in the process and dictate the content.

Use high-quality trainers

Employee training is a skill. It requires a lot of energy and a lot of knowledge. You might find that you have someone in the office that is perfectly suited to the role. You might even run the training yourself. However, you should ensure that the training is delivered well; otherwise, it will fall flat. You can hire professional employee trainers to deliver the content, but itís vital that you make sure they understand the product or service completely.

Run regular sessions

If you really want to upskill your employees, you need to run regular training sessions. Think carefully about the knowledge and skills that your employees could benefit from and build a regular training regime around them. Trying to do all of your training in one intensive week is a mistake because employees will be overwhelmed by the information. Instead, itís better to run a one-hour training programme once a week, preferably at the start, so employees can put the new skills and knowledge into practice.

Be flexible

Flexibility is important when it comes to employee training delivery. If you put all of your hopes on one day and someone is off sick, you could end up wasting resources. Instead, try to build a flexible training program that allows you to deliver employee training whenever the time is right. To ensure that your training is flexible, itís a good idea to keep everything in-house. That way, you can deliver it on any day.

Use off-site facilities

Sometimes, delivering employee training on-site can be uninspiring. Taking employees away from their normal work environment can help make the training more enjoyable and memorable. Whether itís visiting a training centre or taking employees to see your product/service in action, it will help to take them off-site.



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