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The 7 Best Online Architecture Courses

Online Architecture Courses

February 11 2020 - You can learn how to advance your architecture career with our list of online architecture courses. It's a phenomenal feeling to earn a certificate that certifies you as successfully completing architecture courses. Not only does it signify that you're equipped for your career, but it also shows employers that you are teachable.

If you've ever been interested in applied mathematics, architecture is a great next step to take. There are plenty of classes teaching people how to design visually appealing, cost-effective, and structurally strategic homes and buildings. With the right architecture courses, you can learn how to best apply engineering and problem-solving techniques to your work.

You'll advance your career faster than ever with the following courses:

1. Udemy Online Architectural Courses and Classes

When you want to kickstart a career in architecture and work on improving your skills, then Udemy has your back. Their courses provide you with the option to learn foundational topics, definitions, and relevant challenges.

They encourage you to read books such as 3D house design master in Blender 3D, Revit 209 architectural, AutoCAD 208-19, interior scene with 3DS MAX, fundamentals of garden design, and photoshop visualization for architects.

With their architect classes, you'll choose the lesson by using the website's available filter and start your course. You can expect hands-on exercises and professional tips. You will feel more confident building models, creating designs, and taking on more complex lessons.

2. MIT Open Courseware Architecture Programs

As one of the leading institutions, MIT brings you a variety of undergraduate and graduate levels architecture courses. You can choose from immaterial limits, architecture design, urban design, geometric disciplines, material and tectonic transformation, Cuba studio, and more. You have the option to filter through the best options for you to get started in the right classes.

Each topic is covered in-depth and at both an undergraduate or graduate level. You're able to attempt the regular graded assignments to test your understanding of the subject and know where to improve. And you'll receive books and other resources to help you pass the final exam with ease.

3. LinkedIn Learning - Lynda Free Architecture Classes

If you prefer to learn with your hands, then these are the online architecture courses for you. Here you'll find tutorials that are segmented into three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. You'll learn how to work with various tools and better understand the techniques that you can use to design houses and buildings.

You can expect to expand your knowledge of modeling, rendering, drafting, and other skills. Some of their most popular architect classes are AutoCAD 2020, learning algorithmic design with Grasshopper, essential training, Revit, and SketchUp for architecture. The lessons are designed to be short so that you can learn your selected skills in a timely fashion.

You'll explore the different aspects of architecture by working hands-on and exploring the relevant tools and software. The lectures have detailed explanations of how to go through each exercise videos, which are also available for offline use. Not to mention, the complete study materials are available for you to use (for free) one month after signing up.

4. Yale University's Roman Architecture (Coursera)

This is an introductory level course for people who enjoy traveling and are interested in discovering the power of architecture to shape culture, politics, and society. This type of online architecture doesn't have a prerequisite to start classes. You'll learn more detailed information about the designs, vision, architecture, and more with thorough explanation and visuals.

The architect classes are divided into 9 comprehensive modules that introduce you to the foundation of Rome, a wide variety of Roman buildings, and the start of urbanism in Italy. It'll help you understand the valuable use of technology and the evolution of architecture. Expect to learn about the lifestyles of the wealthy, historic houses and villas, among other valuable topics.

5. edX's Free Architecture Classes by Universities and Colleges

These architecture online courses are from some of the best academic institutions in the world. You learn about the concepts of architecture history, architectural design, urban planning, among others. You'll find courses such as eco-design of life liveability in the future, models in architecture, future cities, eco design for cities and suburbs, and others.

There are necessary concepts that explain clearly so that they can help build a strong fundamental. The platform has individual courses and interactive lessons to make learning an enjoyable experience. Plus, the study materials, exercises, and videos are available (for free) and you can add the certification for an additional fee.

6. Harvard University: The Architectural Imagination

With their beginner-level course, you will learn about architecture as both technical achievement and cultural expression. You can expect vivid analysis of incredible buildings and hands-on exercises within drawing and modeling, and the chance to explore the work of historians and architects. These architect classes introduce the idea of perspective drawing, architectural imagination, and architectural typology.

You'll read, analyze, and learn the different types of challenges in writing architectural history. You'll also explore historical and social contexts behind major works among architecture. And you'll have study materials and lectures readily available for free.

7. A Masterclass on Design and Architecture by Frank Gehry

Learn the best about architecture from one of the most creative and innovative architects in the world, Frank Gehry, in his masterclass. You'll learn the reasons behind his expressive art while he demonstrates his methods, his design philosophies, and his inspiration for the design. You'll also learn how to make use of your immediate surroundings to gather ideas for designing and implementing said designs into your projects.

Gehry also discusses his journey into business and team building to inspire other entrepreneurs. His story helps students understand the techniques of effective communication to obtain clients to design and build with. And there will be case studies that'll show you how to use neighborhoods for contextual designs.

Sign Up for the Best Course for You

There you have it! The 7 Best Architecture courses that are available online for 2020.

Continue browsing through these options until you find exactly what you're looking for - happy learning!



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