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Top five ambitious career paths for graduates

Many of us have the time of our lives at university. We make long-lasting friendships, study hard (and party harder) - opening our eyes to the real world while opening our minds to new ideas.

Once you've finished university though, it's time to find a job. This can often be a terrifying and discouraging process for many people but, fortunately, it doesn't necessarily have to be this way.

We've picked out five ambitious paths that show you can aim high and thrive as a graduate in the jobs market too:


With 1.7 million staff on the books, the NHS is a huge employer that offers a wealth of opportunities for graduates of an array of disciplines at sites up and down the country. You certainly don't have to be a doctor to work in health. Whether you're looking for a role in general management, finance or even admin jobs - taking a look at the NHS vacancies in your area might just offer you what you're looking for.


We're all familiar with Apple products - it has become a byword for quality in its field and often leads the way with new innovations and products. Apple offers entry level positions for graduates in a variety of different fields such as software engineering, marketing, design, product management, customer service, finance, HR, sales, legal, real estate and development, and administration. The company is also well-known for being an excellent employer. You can expect a lot of competition when applying for a job here - its website declares 'we're perfectionists' - but if you've got the right stuff, then you've got yourself an amazing opportunity with a world leader.

Consulting jobs

You can find lots of job opportunities in consulting and share your knowledge and expertise far and wise. It's a broad field offering jobs for people with all kinds of degrees. You must zero in on your area of expertise and constantly be aware of the latest trends in your field. The average starting salaries for consultants is £31,500 so it can be a lucrative path.


97% of adults in the UK will use a BBC service at least once during their week. It's one of the world's most well-known broadcasting brands and it offers training schemes for graduates in a number of different disciplines including design, journalism, technology, production, and many more.


You don't need to be James Bond to work for Britain's Secret Intelligence Service (SIS). The organisation also recruits graduates into language specialist and technology expert roles - making good use of people with skills in a host of fields.

The job market might be competitive, but there are loads of big companies looking for graduates. You shouldn't be afraid of applying for jobs with companies that you're interested in, even if they're not strictly connected to your degree. Sometimes these companies might be looking for someone with your skills.

Don't be afraid to think of the long term either. Getting your foot in the door of a big company with a relatively low position is no bad thing. Once you're in you'll have the chance to shine and rise through the ranks.

Aim high and make sure you do those university days proud with a long and successful career.



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