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Is a Cyber Security Job Right for You?

Cyber Security Job

September 8 2021 - Do you want to start a cyber security job?

The number of data breaches decreased by 33 percent in 2020. It doesn't mean remote cyber security jobs aren't as in-demand. It only shows how large of an industry it is.

With so many companies giving this service, hackers have fewer opportunities. Regardless, you might ask whether this career is right for you.

In this guide, we'll discuss the worthiness of the cyber security career. Read on and learn this career's perks now:

Positive Cyber Security Job Outlook

The primary benefit of a cyber security career is the high demand.

A recent study found a global shortage of professionals. It means you'll unlikely lose your job even in the long run. The exact number of open positions in cyber security is 2.9 million.

In the United States, about 500,000 cybersecurity jobs are open. In the current health situation, it's best to develop a skillset for an easy-to-access career. You'll have a consistent source of income even when the economy is on a slight downturn.


The high demand and low supply of qualified professionals mean you'll enjoy great salary ranges. In North America, the average cyber security career pays around $103,000. It's twice the national average salary wage of $40,000.

Remote Work

Even before the health crisis, most technology-focused jobs involved people working in various locations in the world. A cyber security job means accomplishing your daily tasks at home. It's a boon if you want to enjoy your home's conveniences while earning a living.

Education and Certification

Getting into the field doesn't need a cyber security degree. A lot of cyber security specialists learned on their own. People with unrelated degrees often transition to this career without any issues.

The lack of requirements allows you to work without spending years in formal education. In most cases, all you need is to get certifications from various organizations. You'll use these to advance in the field instead of going back to the university.

Technology-Focused Field

Despite the advantages stated above, cyber security is a technological field. It applies even when you're talking to clients with no technical experience. Outside business-related conversations, you're unlikely to get a lot of interpersonal interactions.

A cyber security specialist career isn't for you if you like working with people. It's especially when you seek to form deep bonds with people at work.

It's worse when data breaches happen because you'll work overtime. Your position determines whether you work with no overtime pay. They're rare, but it's something to consider if you value your work-life balance.

Apply for a Cyber Security Job Now

These are some considerations if you're looking for a cyber security job. Always look at the cyber security job description before applying. Use these to determine whether the career is worth your time.

However, knowing these are the bare essentials. Learn more about specific career types like cyber security engineer jobs. The knowledge allows you to broaden your career options in this field.

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