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5 Careers that Are Eco-Friendly

October 31 2019 - If you're passionate about the environment, now would be the right time to consider a career in the protection and maintenance of our planet. It may be an option you had never considered before, but if you're looking to get onto a completely different career path and have an inner passion for the environment, it may be an extremely good opportunity for you.

The future of our planet is looking bleak as a result of human neglect, so it's important that each of us does our bit in any way we can. The only difference is that you'll be doing it on a full-time basis.

If you're interested in finding a career that will help preserve the environment, here are some of the most environmentally-friendly careers to consider in a range of sectors.

1. Environmental officer

Environmental officers have the fundamental responsibility of ensuring businesses abide by specific guidelines when it comes to keeping pollution to a minimum. While this is the main role, environmental officers can branch off into a variety of sectors including energy conservation, fisheries officers, nature conversation, and water conversation.

2. Green taxi driver

The pollution in London is one of the 'biggest public health concerns' according to London Mayor, Sadiq Khan. If you live in the 'big smoke' and wish to make a difference to the city's pollution levels, it could be as simple as looking at taxi driver jobs with a company such as Green Tomato Cars. This company amongst many others around London uses a hybrid car service to reduce emissions and promote an emission-free London for the future. By supporting 'green' companies such as these during the job search, you'll be doing your bit to promote healthier city living.

3. Marine biologists

We are bombarded with pictures of sea creatures that are sick and dying as a result of pollution and waste and this has now become one of the main environmental concerns in the current age.

Marine biologists are responsible for protecting sea creatures from harm and paying attention to water quality so they have a fighting chance of survival. They are often the very first researchers to identify environmental hazards and discover innovative ways to keep o ur lakes, rivers, and the ocean clean.

4. Wind power

Wind power was introduced back in the 1970s, but it's now a booming industry as a result of rising energy costs. There are a variety of careers you could branch into when it comes to wind power; from the manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of wind farms to the development of technology and science behind the energy source.

If you have a degree in engineering, you could apply for grid integration positions, while jobs in electrical engineering allow you to train on the job.

5. Organic farmer

As consumers, we're starting to find out more about the impacts of pesticides and chemicals used to grow plants, which can, of course, be highly dangerous when it comes to our food supply. As a result, there is now a demand for much safer, cleaner food options, which is where an organic farmer comes in. Instead of using chemicals, they will use natural fertilisers such as compost or manure and also promote the health and wellbeing of livestock involved in the process.



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