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7 Mandatory Traits Needed For A Successful Career In Law

May 31 2022 - The type of career that tends to get a ton of flak and is often portrayed in a negative manner on TV. Being a lawyer, though, does not have to be about bad suits, bad manners, or bad choices. A law career can be a fantastic calling and offer an array of exciting opportunities and job satisfaction.

If you like the idea of helping others, receiving financial rewards, and working in a dynamic environment, a career in law may be right for you. However, there are certain characteristics that make up a successful lawyer that you must obtain first. From working as a team to knowing how to communicate effectively, here are some mandatory traits to master before going any further.

Commercial Awareness

One critical skill every lawyer must possess is commercial awareness. This essentially means having knowledge of current developments in national, local, and world business, especially any issues that affect a law firm and its clients. Ultimately, law firms are businesses. Therefore, they must appreciate the commercial importance of hitting deadlines, keeping costs down, and confidentially handling information.


Anyone working in the legal sector will tell you how important it is to have passion and ambition. Without it, you may dread rocking into the office. What's more, you may not work to the best of your potential, especially if your heart isn't in it. Those working in law care about their role and their clients. If you're destined for a law career, it's time to look into law subjects that you can study at Stirling University. They have a wide selection of law courses that cover the A-Z of the field, helping you to find a program that aligns with your career endeavours.


Winning a case won't happen without the assistance of others. In law, you'll work alongside a selection of others, meaning it will be a team effort when you come out the other side. Lawyers must collaborate with colleagues in their firm, as well as engage with clients. Throughout a law career, you'll have to deal with individuals from all levels of the legal hierarchy. Whether it's pupils, trainees, or members of the judiciary, knowing how to work well as part of a team is vital for success.

Excellent Communication

Without strong written and oral communication skills, lawyers will have great difficulty carrying out their duties effectively. Whatever occupation in law catches your eye, you must have excellent active listening skills, too, especially when working with clients. It's your job to build robust relationships with clients which will help them put their trust in your abilities. When arguing cases in court, you need to be confident in your demeanour and not be afraid to speak up. To negotiate a settlement, you may need to use clear, persuasive, and succinct language.


There are a whole load of duties and responsibilities on your shoulders in law. Whether it's researching points of law, creating legal contracts and documents, or attending court and networking, it's safe to say the life of a lawyer is one big juggling act. To thrive in this field, you need to learn and understand the importance of time management. This is because you may have to handle several cases at once. Knowing how to prioritise your duties and remaining focused can be difficult. But, once you get organised, this will help you stay in control of your workload and ensure you get the best outcome for your clients.

Problem Solving

To get the job done in law, you'll often have to think outside the box. Any experienced lawyer will know, that the best course of action is not always the easiest or the clearest. To secure a positive result for clients, you'll need to employ your problem-solving and creative thinking skills daily. Developing problem-solving skills helps you think of new ideas and better strategies for doing things It makes it easier for others in your team and clients to understand law terminology and what's going on.

Attention to Detail

To have a successful legal career, accuracy is pivotal. A single error can have disastrous consequences. These blunders can give clients a bad impression of your services and cost your firm their business, whether it's a single word out of place or an ungrammatical document. Attention to detail matters the most in law. You need to have full concentration on your workload and take your time. Should you cut corners to get ahead quicker, this can come back to bite you.

Working in law isn't for the faint-hearted. With no two days being the same and a ton of pressure on your shoulders, any successful lawyer will understand the importance of possessing the key traits listed above. Once you're ready to dive into the legal sector, learning and mastering these attributes will help set you up for a successful law career.



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