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Five weird but wonderful careers

Determining a career path comes naturally to some at a young age, while for others it can take decades of trying new jobs to find something that holds their interest. However, whatever job you decide to do, it is likely that you have a dream job in the back of your mind.

Dream jobs are often unique, somewhat unconventional and can be a little wild and they make people wonder about how much fun it would be to do them compared to what they usually do on their daily grind.

Let's take a look at five of the wackiest dream jobs in the world that actually make for wonderful career choices:

Roller Coaster Painters

Do you have a head for heights? Have you ever wondered who paints the rollercoaster? Roller coaster painting is a great job that is perfect for anyone who is DIY orientated and enjoys doing things outdoors. You will need to be prepared to work in all kinds of weathers, be able to work up high and you will also need to learn about using different coating systems, depending on the ride, as well as specialist paints, from a site such as Rawlins Paints.

Iceberg Movers

Although it may sound strange, iceberg moving became a professional job. The coast guard services track large icebergs to ensure safe routes are available around them and if an iceberg gets in the way of a shipping lane, it will be towed to somewhere safe. This is a great job if you love working in the great outdoors in beautiful scenery and if the towing gets too much, you can always become part of the iceberg monitoring team.

Surfing Instructors - For Dogs

Yes, you read that correctly - There are jobs available for surfing instructors for canine companions! So, if you have a passion for man's best friend and you also love to ride a wave, why not mix the two and start-up dog surfing lessons? If you want to grow your business you can combine it with a dog walking or sitting service! These jobs allow you to work for yourself outdoors, in the water and on dry land and with dogs - what more could a dog-lover ask for?

Professional Queuer

We all hate queuing, right? Wrong. Some people do it for a living, for those who hate it. It is the perfect job to do for anyone who has a lot of patience and is looking to do something unusual, rather than the normal daily grind of 9:00-5:00 in an office.

You will need to be prepared to work weekends, nights and during peak sale periods such as Black Friday or Christmas but this can be a great way to start a new and unique business. It's not as easy as it sounds, as you will need to be on the pulse about things such as new iPhone releases and game consoles and be strategic about how you advertise your services by focusing on busy professionals who won't want to queue up for themselves but who will be desperate to get their hands on the latest gadget.

Lift Inspector

While most people get to ride in them, not many people think about working with them. Lifts are fascinating pieces of equipment and fixing them when they have a problem can be a great job for anyone who knows about electrics. You will be required to ensure lifts meet safety standards and you can expand your job prospects by also working on the maintenance of similar pieces of equipment such as electric wheelchairs, escalators and travelators.

Having a career is important but being motivated and passionate about what you do is equally vital. In order to want to do a job, you will need to feel ambition about what you are doing, so don't be afraid to do something unusual if that's what interests you.



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