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How Can Businesses Maintain A Steady Cash Flow In 2022? 6 Top Tips

August 3 2022 - If there is one thing that all UK businesses need to survive, itís a steady cash flow. Without enough profit, business owners will quickly fall into debt, which can happen much quicker than you think. So, what is the solution? Start taking the necessary steps to ensure that your business can stay afloat. This guide will show you how - and discuss topics such as company expense management, automation, and much more.

Negotiate With Suppliers

Most businesses rely heavily on their suppliers for important things like their packaging materials. However, most business owners are overspending on the materials they need. Rather than researching fees from other suppliers, they settle for what they have. The critical thing to remember is protecting your company's finances is more important than being friends with one supplier. Donít be afraid to negotiate with them to secure cheaper deals. The worst thing they can say is no. If that is the case, you can take your business elsewhere. If you struggle to negotiate, look at some online negotiation tips to improve your confidence.

Automate Processes

Many businesses struggle to maintain a steady cash flow as they spend their money in the wrong places. For example, some companies are overspending on staff and materials. One way to avoid this is to automate your business processes. Automation has made its mark on many industries, and it is clear to see why. Automation is the process of using technology to reduce human intervention. This doesn't mean you should let go of all of your staff. Instead, it aids their job roles, helping remove the burden of mundane tasks like document filing. It means your team can focus their efforts on other areas of the business that need it.

Utilise Expense Management Software

Expense management software is a helpful aid for any finance team, regardless of its size. This software is a centralised system that can help you optimise your company budgets - while keeping track of your company expenses. Having all this financial information in one place gives you valuable insight into how your money is being spent across the business in real-time. So, you can identify areas where you are overspending and address them before it gets out of control. You can find out more about expense management software from Payhawk. Their expense management software is equipped with several fantastic features to give you better financial control of your company.

Donít Be Afraid To Increase Your Prices

Inflation is rising in the UK, which means the cost of goods and services is increasing. Although you want to keep your customers happy. Sometimes, you need to increase your prices to help you maintain a steady cash flow - while boosting your profit. There is a way to do this without causing too much of a stir. Rather than dramatically increasing your prices, start small. This will make the change less noticeable to the customer. Be aware that some customers will notice these price changes, which cannot always be avoided. You will most likely receive some complaints. However, your business needs to do this to survive. Sometimes, you cannot make every customer happy, but that is business.

Become More Energy-Efficient

It is no secret that energy prices are soaring to an all-time high. However, there are some changes that all businesses can make to help them tackle these rising costs head-on. It will mean less money is spent on energy, so more can be spent on other areas of the business that needs it. This will help improve your cash flow, ensuring that money is spent in the right areas. Start by putting energy-efficient habits in place; you can find plenty of examples online. Avoid leaving unused appliances on standby and switch to energy-saving lightbulbs and appliances. These may sound like small changes, but they can positively impact your energy usage moving forward.

Encourage Customers To Shop With You Again

The number one rule for maintaining a steady cash flow is acknowledging that you need more money coming into the business than out. Who can help you generate a profit? Customers. All businesses should be doing everything they can to encourage customers to shop with them repeatedly. A loyal customer base will help you keep your business afloat. To encourage shoppers to return, you need to make their experience enjoyable. You can offer them discounts on their next purchase or offer competitive pricing. You want your customers to feel valued. If they are offered a perk to shop with your company again, they will likely take it.


Utilising expense management software, increasing your pricing, and negotiating with suppliers are all recipes for success when it comes to maintaining a steady cash flow. All business owners should ensure that they are monitoring their spending closely. Constantly look for areas to cut costs and make necessary changes to reduce those monthly bills.



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