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4 Things Retailers Need to Consider

October 29 2021 - As a business owner of a retailer, you already know how tough it can be to stay afloat. Owning your own business is both rewarding and demanding. Nurturing your business and building it from the bottom up can give you a great sense of satisfaction. However, there is always competition, and it can be difficult to stand out in the retail industry. Not to mention, from everyday operations and seasonal promotions to marketing and recruitment, you need to manage all aspects of your business in order for it to succeed. Here are a few considerations to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Constant Customer Service

Retailers with an eCommerce business website need to be switched on at all times. You will get customers with questions and complaints at all hours, so you need an effective solution to address their issues. An engaging chatbot on your website can help you address out-of-hours inquiries. A chatbot is a nifty communication tool that is used in lieu of a real-time conversation with a human customer service representative. An efficient chatbot should be able to process queries quickly and provide potential consumers with real-time answers. In turn, these tools help keep site visitors happy and may convert them into customers.

High Volume Recruitment

Good customer service is essential, especially during the seasonal period. For retailers, the busiest time of the year are the days leading up to Christmas. Before the festive season hits, you need to make sure you have seasonal staff in place who are friendly, well-trained, and ready to take on the crowds. Retailers can meet their seasonal, high volume hiring needs with smart recruitment software made especially for high volume recruiting. Using Oleeo’s intelligent automation, you can speed up the entire recruitment process and have a large number of high-quality employees in no time.

Online Presence

Having an effective digital marketing campaign in place is essential for retailers, and every digital marketing campaign should have a strong focus on social media. Social media platforms are great for engaging your target audience, building your brand, and creating a loyal consumer base. Use it to push promotions, create hype around new products and receive feedback from visitors. Keep your social media profiles updated at all times, including contact details and business operation hours. To engage potential consumers and create a loyal following, your social pages need to have high-quality content, images, and videos, and you need to post regularly. Furthermore, retailers also need to respond to questions made on social media ASAP. Growing retailers may find it difficult to keep up with social media. In this case, employ a social media specialist to take charge of your accounts and make your brand shine.

Make Speedy Delivery a Priority

Around 87 percent of online consumers state that speedy shipping is a top priority. In fact, shoppers consider their previous experience with a brand when making the decision whether to shop from them again. Just under 50 percent of people would pay more for faster delivery, while 67 percent would pay more if they had a deadline. Therefore, placing focus on logistics will enhance the buying experience and boost the number of returning customers.



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