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Bid Writing: 5 Tips to Increase the Quality of Your Bid

February 25 2016 - Bid writing is difficult, but writing an effective bid that really stands out is your best bet of getting the job you want, especially if you're a freelancer.

There are some easy strategies that you can follow to enhance your bid writing abilities. Check out the tips below, which can help make the process a lot less painful and help make sure you succeed.

1. View Your Bid as a Sales Pitch

A lot of people make the mistake of not realising that their bid should be written a lot like a sales pitch, because it actually is a sales pitch. To make the most of your bid, make it as compelling as possible. Show that your work is in demand, and prove that you've made other clients very happy by completing projects extremely well. Also, always give samples of past work.

2. Use a Template but Cater Every Bid to Each Client

You may be able to reuse certain parts of your proposal, such as your level of experience and success on past projects. This gives you the chance to make a template you can use in order to save time whenever you need to write a new bid. However, even if you're able to create a template with reusable information, you still need to read each project carefully and write your bid in a way that proves you've read through all of the details and you have what it takes to succeed. Therefore, customise your bid every time in order to prove that you aren't merely submitting the same bid to every client you approach.

3. Write Your Thoughts Down and Organise Them

After reading a job proposal, you may have a lot of questions floating around in your mind. It's a good idea to simply write down all of your statements, thoughts, and questions regarding the project so you don't miss anything. Then you can go back and reorganise everything so that it all makes sense and is easy for the client to read and understand.

4. Research the Client

By taking the time to research the client, you're proving that you're proactive and you really care about what the client is all about and what they want and need from you. Include suggestions in your bid to prove that you can bring new ideas to the table to improve the client's success. And use your research time as a chance to find out if a client is really worth pursuing.

5. Use a Bid Writer

In the event that you find it too difficult or time-consuming to write your own high quality bids, you can always hire a reputable bid writer with the right experience. A professional bid writer will be able to take all of your information and write a standout bid that's sure to get you more work. So if you always want to put your best self forward, this is definitely a wise investment.

With the five tips above, you should be able to organise your thoughts and create a winning bid every time.


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