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The Top Three Aspects You Should Consider When Looking for a Serviced Office

Serviced office

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November 28 2021 - In recent times, the popularity of serviced offices has grown. It is, in fact, one of the most viable solutions for many of todayís business enterprises, and itís solid proof of how times are changing indeed. Gone are the days when businesses were tied down with long-term lease agreements that extended for two years and more that didn't benefit them in any way and decreased their flexibility. Instead, today's business owners are savvier and more practical, and the serviced office is a solution that literally sells itself. But if you've already decided that a serviced office is worth looking into, there's an even bigger question: how can you select the ideal one? Here are the top three aspects you should consider when looking for a serviced office.

1. Determine the type of space you need

The serviced office industry comes in two major categories: the private office space and the co-working space. You will have to choose which solution best fits your needs. Firstly, the co-working space is more suitable for freelancers and entrepreneurs, and with this, you will essentially share rooms with other individuals. You will have a work desk or workstation. Utilities and certain facilities are included with the agreement, and the cost of renting a workstation can be quite low.

On the other hand, the private office is as its name implies: it's private, which means you will have your own enclosed space where you can work in peace. You can opt for an entire room or floor depending on how many workers you have. It is also often furnished (unless you have furniture), and the provider usually offers security, maintenance services, parking, utilities, and services like reception and business services, along with meeting or conference room rental as needed.

2. Think about the location

The location of your serviced office can also be a big deal, as the whole idea behind the concept is to make you more accessible to your customer base and even new talent. Here's another aspect to think about regarding the location: the location you choose will influence how your customers see and perceive your business.

A prime location, such as a bustling city, can bode well for your business and make it more attractive to potential customers and investors. Although it's not set in stone, it's often better to go for a central location - one that has easy public transport links and is in a safe and thriving area. Consider other factors as well, such as access to eating and dining options, gyms, and other business networks. A city like Manchester is a prime example of a booming and bustling city, and if you would like to get in on the centre of the action, you could opt for a serviced office in the city with

3. Assess the support services

In general, most serviced offices will also come with support services such as a manned lobby and reception areas and even the rental of handsets and the like. But aside from this, consider other support services that come with it and whether or not they are helpful to your business. Some examples of support services include admin/business support, reception services, on-site parking, out-of-hours security services, communal maintenance and cleaning services, and meeting and conference room rental.



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