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Avoid These Start Up HR Mistakes

September 11 2015 - So, you have a great business idea and you want to follow it through. You are smart, and you have a good team behind you. What could possibly go wrong?

Actually, you would be surprised by how many great enterprises come undone when it comes down to their staffing. You would think it would be easy to find great people who need a good job and want to work hard and shine with your corporation, but actually many good start up enterprises get it wrong. If you are starting a business with a company like then you want it to succeed. Here are the HR mistakes to avoid, and how to not fall prey to them:

Being Easy

The first and biggest mistake a lot of hirers make is to think that they are the ones that need somebody, and so the people who turn up for interview with their great qualifications are all prime targets for the job. This can be your downfall because people who on paper look good for the job are not necessarily good for the office culture in general, and while they may have the skills you need, they may not fit with your corporate ideals in general. Remember, you are the hirer. Do not see hiring people as an exercise in luring them in to your working environment. Pick out those who fit.

Succumbing To Known Techniques

We live in an age when all information is easy to come by and this means that your interviewees have done their research. They may have looked at countless sites to tell them how to come across well in a job interview, but equally they may have done all of the research for the questions you are primed to ask them on Google. You can work very hard to try and find the best candidates but do not succumb to the techniques of people who have done all their research on the train to the interview! Know your industry and what you want from your people, and you should never fall prey to cheesy interview tactics!

Wasting Time

When somebody wants a job, they really care about hearing back from the interviewer as soon as possible. If you are the interviewer, remember that the people you talk to are human and need closure. If you don't want to hire them then it is best to say so, but when it comes to the ones that you do want to bring in to your business, then you do risk losing them if you don't handle things well when they are still interview candidates. Make sure you ask them about how they will transfer to working for your company, and do not leave things open - if you want them, tell them so and let their agent do the rest!

Getting the right people to work for your new business can be hard, but by avoiding these common human resources mistakes you can staff your company with great people from the outset and never have to worry about bad staffing choices!


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