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Business Management Tools for Entrepreneurs

October 23 2021 - Running a business is no easy task to take on. It takes a lot of spinning plates, each needing your attention. A lot of these are routine and tedious, but need to be done, sometimes daily. But what if there were some tools and services available that could take a few of those plates off your hands? Some of them could even save you from spending money another monthly salary. Wouldnít you jump at that opportunity?

Lucky for you, there are loads. There are, in fact, a lot of elements of running a business that can be improved or outsourced. Read on to find out what we think are the best options for you.

Marketing management

Digital marketing may be the best way to get your name out there. Itís affordable, itís accessible, and its effective. But itís like learning a second language trying to understand what all the data and what all those acronyms mean. Brand deals, SEO, affiliate links, website footfalls, a project online all require some amount of research to understand.

Fortunately, there are a lot of tools online that can take the legwork out of understanding digital marketing. Software applications like HubSpot can allow you to manage your digital marketing ventures from one platform and display to you the results in easy-to-read graphics.

HubSpot offers split testing and content testing as well as communications within a sales team so that even the smallest businesses have the most superior customer service options.

Facilities management

Working in an office can come with its own issues that other businesses donít have to deal with. The building itself has to be maintained, but mopping the floors isnít at the forefront of your mind. Youíre trying to run a business after all.

Companies like SMC Premier offer facilities management so that you can just focus on the inner workings of your business. You wonít have to manage the cleaning services or worry about complying with building safety measures - that will all be handled.

If you have a business that operates in various premises, it can be difficult trying to get from place to place to get operational activities done - especially the really tedious stuff. Services like SMC Premier will allow you to travel as you need to and go about your business with the building youíve left behind in prime condition.

Project management

If you have a big project coming up, or even if you have a lot of daily projects, it can be helpful to use an online project management tool. Our favorite is Trello.

Rather than hiring a project manager to watch everyoneís moves like a hawk, allow Trello to assign and record tasks to and from employees. Distribute the elements of the project that need done with to-do lists assigned to each employee and sit back and watch as they work their way through them.

Fill the eye-catching and fun board with elements of projects that need done and assign deadlines to be sure they get done on time. You will be able to see how the project is progressing at a glance and see who is contributing the most.


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