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Employee Perks Every Small Business Can Afford

January 12 2022 - If you have expanded your business to include employees, then youíre moving in the right direction. If you have the money to pay them and the work to give them, then itís clear your business is growing as it should be. However, itís crucial that you take proper care of your employees since without them you wouldnít be able to keep growing, not to mention it costs a fair amount of money to hire someone new if you lose a current member of staff.

This is why itís a good idea to offer a variety of different employee perks. This will help your team feel appreciated and ensure they are invested in their work. As a small business, you might think that you donít have the money to spare to offer any extras, but in reality, there are some perks that every small business can afford, no matter how much profit theyíre making. Read on to find out more.

Commuter Assistance

Helping your team with their daily commute may not be something you need to consider if your business is a fully remote one. However, if you have staff who come to an office or other place of work, offering some help with that journey could be exactly what is needed to create a sense of loyalty and to give them job satisfaction. Of course, itís wise to look into a value builder program to ensure that your profits are able to sustain this perk (you canít give it and then take it away), but if you can do it, then itís a worthwhile investment.

Commuter assistance could include a season ticket loan for trains or buses, car allowances, or perhaps fuel cards. Think about what would benefit your team and your business the most, and if itís possible, this kind of help can go a long way.

Professional And Self-Development

Not everyone is ambitious, and thatís fine - not everyone has to be. However, you are sure to have some members of staff who do have ambitions to better themselves and to have more knowledge regarding their work and career. If this is the case, a fantastic perk to offer them would be some form of professional or self-development.

Although there are expensive ways to go about this (such as paying for them to achieve new qualifications or giving them time off to attend college, for example), there are also many cost-effective options. You might invest in software that offers periodic training, for example, or perhaps offer workshops and Ďtoolbox talksí for the team. You can start small and work up if you prefer. Your staff will appreciate that you are helping them, and youíll get better trained staff as a result. Everyone wins.

Dedicated Rest Areas

If your profits are small and you donít have a lot of Ďspareí money to spend on perks, you can do something that wonít cost a lot, but that will help a great deal. If you can arrange to have a dedicated rest area within your office space where people can go to get away from their desks for a while, this will be much appreciated.

Find a room that you can fill with comfortable sofas and beanbags, add a microwave and fridge, perhaps even put some games in there, a table tennis table, a games console, a small library, and so on. When you offer your team a place to reset and rest, they will be a lot more productive, and it will cost you very little to set up.


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