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Four Pieces Of HR Guidance For Recruitment

March 12 2024 - Recruiting new employees can seem like a daunting task, even for seasoned HR professionals. There's plenty that needs to be considered, and getting just one thing wrong can mean that you're wasting the candidates' time as well as your own.

However, by following these four rules, you're giving yourself the best chance of getting the right person the first time with minimal fuss.

#1 Work out whether you're recruiting internally or externally

There are definitely benefits for both recruiting internally and externally when it comes to filling the vacancies within your business.


If you look to promote from inside your business, there are clear benefits. You'll already be aware of how the employee works, behaves, and their level of commitment. They will already understand the workings of your business and the subsequent hierarchy within it, and they'll also know their way around it. This means that in their early days of starting the new job role, they'll be able to concentrate on purely learning the new role.

The downside of promoting from within could mean that additional training will need to be provided to increase employee knowledge up to the level of being able to perform the new tasks satisfactorily.


However, by offering the job externally, you have the chance to employ somebody with the right qualifications or previous experience. You will, of course, also be entirely unaware of their true value in your workforce, their timekeeping skills, and their commitment levels. You'll also have to provide them with settling-in time and possibly a buddy to help them find their way around.

#2 Advertise as widely as possible

If you're choosing to recruit externally, you'll need to advertise the role as widely as possible in order to attract the right candidates. This means taking advantage of as many recruitment platforms as possible.

Having recruitment software like occy can make this far easier for you as you'll be able to draw up your advert using templates and be plugged into numerous job boards. This can provide your advertisement with visibility and the heightened chances of being filled faster than trying to do it all yourself.

#3 Ensure your job description is specific

It's important that you ensure your job description is specific to the tasks in question and that you clarify which qualifications and experience applicants will need to have. This will limit the amount of time wasters that you'll get applying, although there will always be a few that will still do it.

Sifting through CVs takes time, and by using your recruitment software and setting your desired parameters, you'll find that this can be done quickly, resulting in a shortlist for you to peruse at your leisure.

#4 Use hiring technology to your advantage

The use of this technology doesn't end there either, as you'll be able to easily schedule refusal letters to those you're not interested in while also inviting those you are interested in for an interview.

This speeds up the recruitment process and means that your HR staff (or those you've appointed as your hiring team) can get on with their normal job roles until they have to attend the interviews on the designated day.

A few final thoughts

There are certainly benefits from promoting within a business as well as hiring from outside the company. In order to get the right candidate for the job, you should make sure that you're open to both approaches and understand the different opportunities that you'll be presented with. Undoubtedly, using recruitment software will speed up almost every part of your recruitment process as well as help inspire the right candidates to apply.

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