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How to Attract Quality Candidates When Posting Job Ads

June 24 2019 - Posting job ads is a common method employers use to attract desirable candidates. However, this doesn't always generate the desired results. It can leave employers wondering where they went wrong. So, what does it take to attracts the people you want when you post an advertisement for a job at your company? There are several factors that help increase your chances of getting the right people on board, and many have to do with devising the right strategy.

Be Clear and Concise

It can be so tempting to use big and fancy words when posting a job ad, but keep in mind that the simpler, the better. Try getting straight to the point and being clear about what the candidate can expect as well as what you as an employer expect. The excessive use of technical language and detail could make it hard for the right candidates to read your ad quickly.

The long and short of it is to clearly and quickly define the job role if you want to attract the right people. This will avoid time wasters and will mean you aren't wasting your time either. All it takes is the right wording.

Work on Your Brand

Nowadays, branding is everything. This refers to your company's image as well as how you're perceived by different audiences. You want core messages, visuals, and themes to resonate with your brand so that it sticks in the minds of people. Working on improving yours could consequently make people want to be associated with your business.

To create more brand awareness, start by doing a values check. Revisit what your company values are and be sure they are seen and felt throughout all activities. Also, use digital marketing tactics such as giveaways which use branded gifts as prizes. If you don't have time to invest in digital marketing, see what service offerings you can find on

Find out Where They Are

Knowing where your target audience is will significantly help when it comes to attracting quality candidates. Learning about your target market's behaviours will often be a big indicator for where you can find them. Study their demographics as well as that of the proposed platforms you're posting the ad on. You could also use a software program that's capable of telling you what their favorite websites are. Again, this is a time saving technique as there is nothing worse than wasted time and resources focusing on platforms that aren't being used by your target market.

Prepare a Solid Interview

After putting so much work into preparing a good ad, you don't want it to all go to waste because you prepared a poor interview. Take the time out to pick the right people to interview your candidates as they're essentially going to be selling your company.

When conducting a job interview , set the expectations and agenda from the start. Be sure that you're probing and following up their answers to gain clarity and assess their competency levels.

Also, note that the process should feel more like a conversation than it should an interrogation.


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