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A Step-by-step Guide On Implementing Inclusive Hiring Practices

July 30 2022 - Every gender and ethnicity has people with talents and excellent skills that the world needs. However, some companies fault recruitment processes for hiring only from one group. The Equality act of 2010 requires every company to show transparency in hiring workers irrespective of ethnic group and gender. It is therefore essential to practice inclusive hiring for your company.

Inclusive recruiting involves attracting, screening, and selecting candidates for empty positions in your organisation to ensure that the pool of qualified candidates is as diverse as possible. It is the most successful approach to expanding diversity across all backgrounds. Here is a step-by-step guide to implant inclusive hiring in your company.

Clarify Inclusivity In Job Descriptions

The first step to inclusive hiring is to clarify your job descriptions detailing that you accept people from all backgrounds. Ensure that it captures prospects' interests to motivate them to apply for your opening. Use neutral language to ensure it doesn't specify a specific gender or ethnicity during the advertisement.

Get The Legal Framework

Recruitment training is essential for all recruiters to learn about decision making, process designing, and ensuring an inclusive hiring practice. Managers without adequate training on inclusive hiring are more likely to be held liable for prejudice, leading to hefty settlements from an employment tribunal.

Consult a knowledgeable recruiting specialist or employment lawyer before reworking a recruitment procedure, especially when adopting Positive Actions. It is best to use HR consultancy services from reputable companies like Citation. They're an excellent team of HR consultants who'll relieve the stress of complexities in human resource and employment law issues.

Use The Right Tools For Searching For Diverse Talent

One of the perks of prejudice during hiring is that it is usually unintentional. Getting rid of it can be challenging because people unconsciously make such selections towards a preferred gender or tribe. However, you can implement inclusive hiring by letting AI recruiting technologies do the work.

Artificial intelligence (AI) recruiting tools can look at applicants objectively and will only select those with the exact qualifications you're looking for, irrespective of background. You can program AI recruiting platforms to offer a broad selection of qualified applicants that you can manage and tailor to your unique needs.

However, be careful to choose a new tool, as not all are free of bias. In the past, AI systems were discovered to demonstrate prejudice, and human mistakes may still influence how technology works. Therefore, getting a new AI recruitment tool with diversity and inclusion training is best.

Ensure A Transparent Shortlisting Process

Shortlisting candidates should be simple if you specify terms in the job description. Practice fair recruitment processes to ensure you hire the best persons for the job. Get at least two persons to perform the shortlisting process in a formal meeting environment, so they may actively contest any assumptions made by the other.

Examining resumes without looking at applicants' personal information is also an excellent way to remove any bias against diverse candidates. Bring the applicants for the interview without seeing their names, schools, localities, or dates of birth during the shortlisting process. This will also help you consider the essential aspects of judging prospective employees.

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