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How to Quickly Onboard New Staff at Peak Times

February 23 2020 - When your business is operating at peak capacity, you can often feel as though you require more manpower to ensure that you're meeting your deadlines, providing adequate customer service, and getting orders to customers on time. In such periods - which come about seasonally, or when you're on a growth cycle - you need access to labour, fast.

In this article, you'll learn how to quickly onboard the staff you need to deal with your increased demand at peak times for your business, helping you get work completed even when the going gets tough.

Recruitment Agencies

Your first thought, when it comes to fast and effective recruitment, should be the hundreds of recruitment agencies that are dotted across the UK, all of which help you to survey and test candidates before they suggest them for your business. Wolverhampton recruitment agencies will help you understand what talent is out here in the West Midlands, and will send you the most appropriate candidates for the jobs you're advertising for.

To use recruitment agencies most effectively, you're going to need to think about what kind of skills you need, and how you can communicate that to recruiters who already have a pool of candidates to select and send your way. If you're savvy about how you advertise and communicate roles in your business, you'll be more likely to receive the very best candidates for roles within your business.

Hiring Internally

Your other option, when hiring for jobs to cope with increased demand, is to hire through your own HR team. This will always take longer than outsourcing to a recruitment agency, but it's usually the cheaper option, and it means that your hiring officials can have far more of a say over the candidates they bring in, including what kind of ethos they subscribe to at work. This is especially important for the building of your own company culture - helping cohesion within and throughout your workplace teams.

To hire through your own company, advertise on job websites and read the cover letters and CVs that you receive through them. Remember that many candidates apply for jobs on a whim - applying for hundreds per week - so you're looking for the people who really appear to know, appreciate and admire your company.

Getting Settled In

Finally, whether you source your new workers from the recruitment agencies around you, or from your own internal HR team, it's now time to think about how you can quickly encourage new workers to settle in, focus on the job at hand, and begin to contribute most effectively to your business. This is achieved through a settling in process - part of a wider onboarding and training process.

When you're training your new staff, be sure to give existing staff different roles in the training - so that your new staff become acquainted with different workers around them. Also ensure that they're able to perform the basic functions of their job roles before overwhelming them with new information about what they should do in their jobs.

These tips will help you quickly fill labour shortages in your business at peak times of trade.


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