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What Are the Different Types of Resumes?

Different Types of Resumes

January 15 2023 - The job market is tight. If you're looking for a job or even a career change, you know you have to stand out from the crowd.

Do you know the best way to get employers to pay attention to you? Have a great resume.

What are the best types of resumes? Is there a standard resume format? Should you include a cover letter?

We've put together this guide to help you answer these questions. Our goal is to help you craft a resume that gets employers excited to reach out to you. Let's dive in!

Chronological Resumes

Chronological resumes are one of the most common types of resumes used by job seekers. They organize a job seeker's work experience and other associated information in chronological order, listing the most recent information first. Chronological resumes include the job seeker's work history, along with other relevant details such as job titles, employers, dates of employment, and a brief paragraph outlining their achievements and duties.

They provide hiring managers with a concise overview of an individual's professional experience, allowing them to assess their qualifications for job applications quickly. Chronological resumes are best suited for those who have held numerous positions in the same field and have kept the same job for an extended period of time.

Functional Resumes

This type of resume highlights transferable skills rather than a chronological work history. It is often used by people with gaps in their work experience. A functional resume is organized around the skill and experience sections rather than job titles and company names. Each skill or experience listed should include examples of how it has been applied in the past.

Functional resumes are one of the best resumes. They may also focus on the benefits or group accomplishments rather than individual ones, so they are good for highlighting your achievements as part of a team.

Targeted Resumes

Targeted resumes focus very heavily on specific job requirements and industry keywords to maximize the visibility of the applicant to potential employers. You should focus on highlighting your achievements, skills, and experiences most relevant to the position. You can also sprinkle in appropriate industry-specific keywords for the resume.

Resume writing services can help you create your resume to show the employer that you are targeted and well-suited for the position.

Combination Resumes

Combination resumes consist of the most notable job experience from your previous employment written in chronological order, followed by key skills. This will allow you to feature both your work history and professional attributes. It is also an ideal choice for career changers or those with gaps in employment.

It is important to capture who you are as a professional, along with a history of your listed experience and accomplishments, to get noticed.

Types of Resumes for Every Job Seeker

Different types of resumes range from chronological to targeted resumes. Each type has its own unique style and formatting, so be sure to use one that best suits you and your job needs.

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