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Business Recruitment: How to Always Hire the Right Person

January 24 2020 - As your business grows, it is essential that you hire the right employees. Scaling up is difficult enough without selecting personnel who are more of a burden than they are helpful. Get it wrong, and it could cause your entire company to collapse.

Thankfully, there are steps which can be taken to minimise the chances of employing a dud. With that in mind, read on for tips to improve the recruitment process for your business and how you can always hire the right person for the job:

Firstly, Do You Need to Hire a New Employee?

This point might sound strange at first, but it's an important question you need to ask. Is it necessary to recruit a new employee?

You might have a role in your company that needs filling. However, would it be possible to promote internally for the job? One of your employees might only need a small portion of training before they're suitable. For instance, your business might require, say, a plant operator. Thanks to plant operator training courses offered by long-standing specialists like SB Skills Solutions, one of your current employees could swiftly receive the necessary skills and experience they need.

Check for Commitment

Back to hunting for new hires, one important sign to look out for is commitment. If a person is flip-flopping from different job roles on a frequent basis, this could be due to a lack of direction or loyalty.

On the other hand, if someone demonstrates a commitment towards their chosen career path, this is a sign they have drive and passion for the role.

Snoop on Their Socials

Admittedly, this does dance with stalker-like tendencies. However, you should never be afraid to browse through a potential candidate's social media feeds - you certainly wouldn't be alone in that regard. In fact, statistics from YouGov suggest almost 20% of employers turn down a candidate due to their online activity.

It makes sense as to why it's so popular for employers to snoop on social media feeds. After all, personal questions are not suited for the interview process. It also supplies an insight into the actual character of the candidate - CVs and interviews will only tell you so much in that regard.

Compatibility Check

During the interview, it's vital you establish if a candidate is the right fit for your company. This isn't simply to determine whether they have the right skills or willingness for the job, either. You need to analyse their social skills. Will they get on with your current employees? If not, this could cause disruptions and a decline in overall morale. The more your employees get on with each other, the more efficient your business will be.

Test Their Skills

You cannot judge a candidate solely on their CV. This could, of course, be littered with lies. Additionally, you have to be cautious when judging someone due to a confident demeanour because underneath, the confidence and CV boasts are what you're looking for - they are skills for the job.

With this in mind, you should attempt to use various methodologies to gain a better understanding of their skills and education. Set candidates a small task to complete during the interview and see how they work under pressure.


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