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Talent Drought? Use These 5 Creative Ways to Recruit Employees

Creative ways to recruit

November 27 2019 - A major complaint of many business owners is that it's hard to find good help.

High employee turnover hurts everyone from the customers to the internal workings of your company.

What if you could find and hire the best candidates from the get-go? When you implement creative ways to recruit employees, you're more likely to find a good fit.

Not sure how it's done? Keep reading for five tips on recruiting qualified candidates.

1. Vow to Only Hire the Best

You shouldn't settle for less during the recruiting process. Hiring unqualified candidates will ultimately result in you letting them go down the line when they don't perform. This adds to your employee turnover rate - and your frustration.

Remember that the people you hire are a representation of yourself and your company. Vet candidates to ensure they share your same values and work ethic.

Poor performing employees can also poison your entire work environment and other staff. Experiencing a drought in prospects? This article can help.

2. Make Your Expectations Clear

Making your expectations clear from the beginning saves both you and the candidate time and aggravation.

Provide all recruits with a detailed job description that outlines their specific duties. Ask if they have any questions or concerns prior to starting.

Also, discuss the consequences of not performing or meeting the company standard. This eliminates confusion and ensures all candidates understand the responsibilities they're agreeing to.

Outline the company values, mission statement, and the rewards and bonuses you offer for exceptional performance. This motivates candidates from the start.

3. Improve Your Recruiting Techniques

One of the best ways to improve the hiring process is to implement creative ways to recruit employees. Don't be afraid to break from tradition to find a perfect fit.

After conducting countless interviews and vetting dozens of candidates, you'll discover what works and what doesn't. Pay close attention to which recruiting techniques led to your most valuable employees.

Take it slow and avoid just filling the position with the first applicant you meet. It takes more time to find highly-qualified employees.

Look to current high-performing staff members for recommendations. Avoid basic hiring apps and websites. Instead, focus on targeted groups and websites that showcase candidates specific to your field.

4. Create a Reputation as a Desirable Employer

Highly-qualified candidates want to work for highly-qualified employers. The appeal of the recruit isn't the only one that matters. As the hiring entity, you need to promote yourself as well.

Boost your reputation as a company people want to work for. This includes offering incentives and showcasing a positive work culture.

In 2017, 51% of workers admitted they were not engaged at work. Appeal to this percentage by offering a work environment that's both positive and rewarding.

5. Be Flexible

As the employer, you're in the driver seat. The scenario will end based on the decision you make. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be flexible during the hiring process.

Don't compromise your needs or morals, but remain open to suggestions and reasonable concessions. As long as the employee's request doesn't compromise the company's goals or everyday operations, consider accommodating them.

Sometimes, unconventional methods are a stepping stone to a better way of doing things. Keep an open mind.

Try These Creative Ways to Recruit Employees

Put an end to countless interviews, high employee turnover, and vetting candidates that just don't mesh with your company values.

By using these creative ways to recruit employees you'll save yourself time, frustration, and wasted resources.

Check our site for more tips on human resource management including promoting communication and diversity in the workplace


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