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Online Recruitment

July 16 2007 - The Internet">internet> and web-based technologies have transformed the process of recruitment and ob-hunting> in recent years.

Online recruitment has the virtue of being available to candidates and employers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year. It is always on and easily adjustable to meet changing requirements.

Online recruitment can take place through a company's own bespoke website or through specialist providers.

Online recruitment can be used for large-scale hiring. For example, Peopleclick, Inc., and McDonald's Restaurants Limited have announced that McDonald's will use Peopleclick's High Volume hiring technology to recruit staff for its 1,200 UK-based stores. McDonald's UK currently employs over 67,000 employees. The company will use the Peopleclick system for its store management and crew recruitment process in a shift from a paper-based process to an automated recruitment system. Candidates can apply online anytime, anywhere in the world. The new system is said to:

  • make it easier and faster for restaurants to respond to job applications
  • reduce the time it takes to hire applicants
  • reduce 'candidate abandonment rates', and
  • provide a faster, friendlier process

According to Jez Langhorn, employee reputation manger with McDonald's Restaurants Limited:

"Peopleclick is the only talent acquisition organization able to provide a comprehensive solution for the management of the entire workforce of an organization of this size. This scalability was a leading factor in our decision to move forward with Peopleclick as a partner. By using Peopleclick's unique constant sourcing model for our high volume hiring, we will be able to create a strategic talent pool based on key high volume positions to attract the right people at the right time."

Larry Cucchi, managing director and head of Peopleclick's EMEA operations, said:

"As a globally recognized brand, McDonald's has seized the opportunity to create an industry leading programme, designed to bring high quality candidates to the organization. With Peopleclick's talent acquisition offerings addressing the unique needs of recruiting all types of labour - full time, hourly and contract - we have seen significant demand for this type of comprehensive solution throughout the world."

Peopleclick High Volume uses a constant sourcing model designed for restaurant, retail and other high volume hirers. It provides a "just-in-time" pool of candidates for a business, eliminating the need to create new job requisitions each time a vacancy arises. "Requisitions" or job categories are open all the time so that positions that continuously need to be filled remain open and seeking applications continuously. This means that a pool of qualified and pre-screened candidates is available at hand for the next available position.


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