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HR and Spotting Fraud

By Sean Davern of Quartz Services

March 25 2012 - It's surprisingly easy to take on someone who isn't who they say they are, especially when your focus is on can they do the job in question, not who they say they might be.

But with employee fraud growing world-wide, it is important to take all possible steps to safeguard your organisation and its other employees. We've come up with some easily implemented suggestions that will help you feel more confident that you've picked the right every way.

The Interview
  • Check out their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages, and then Google them. What have you learnt about them?
  • Think of the questions you'd like to ask beforehand. Some might be to address their skills and qualifications, whilst others might be to assess their honesty and integrity.
  • Make sure that the interviewee has lots of opportunity to talk. If you're rambling on about how great the company is without paying attention to them you might miss something.
  • Learn a bit about body language. It helps!
  • Allow plenty of time: at least 90 mins (you can always cut it short if they are a dead loss!). This gives you time to get to know them and for them to feel at ease.
Next Steps
  • Double check any past employers actually exist with a search on the net and a quick call.
  • Ask for a current passport and Driver's Licence (both parts). Do the documents actually make sense? Do the photos match the person in front of you? Is the same photograph used in the passport as well as in driving licence? This in itself is strange but then check whether both documents are "issued" on the same day.
  • Ask the candidate to sign then date and time the copies and check that signatures match the signatures on the documents themselves.
  • Ask for an original bank statement and utility bill and make sure the addresses all match up.
  • Always ask to see original qualification certificates and educational certificates and verify qualifications, dates and grades.
If You Go Ahead
  • Contact previous employers to confirm applicant's duties and length of time with them, and ask them directly - would you employ this person again - whatever their answer - ask why?
  • Follow up written references with a quick call to ascertain if they are genuine.

For positions of responsibility, whether financial or reputational, and for those with access to financial or sensitive data, we recommend full pre-employment screening which includes full background and criminal checks where appropriate such as roles dealing with children or vulnerable adults.


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