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Smart Ways to Attract Talent to Your Business

July 17 2020 - Talent can be hard to come by in business. When you're hiring - and many firms are planning on bringing in new staff in the latter half of 2020 - you need to know you're getting the very best from the talent pool. But for HR departments across the UK, it can be challenging to know whether you're accessing the right pool at all in your job advertisements. If you're truly concerned about reaching all the individuals you'd like to reach as you advertise job postings online, here are some essential tips to get more applications from better candidates.

Use High-Class Job Sites

There are job sites, and there are job sites. Some websites offer jobs to blue-collar workers, and others to white-collar workers - some to managerial level, and some on starter salaries. When you're designing your job posting, one of your key considerations is where you're going to post your job. As standard, you should post your vacancy on your website itself - but where's best to attract talent to your brand?

As an HR department, it's your responsibility to find those job sites that you think will have the required talent that you're looking for when hiring. This means that, if you're advertising for a senior role, you should probably avoid some of the lower-level job sites instead of targeting those websites that senior professionals are more likely to browse.

Paid Advertising

Often, when you're posting on specific job sites, you will have to pay a small fee. With this in mind - and in the knowledge that hiring and onboarding only one new employee can be a costly affair - it might be well worth your investment simply putting out a targeted advertisement online - and seeing who clicks through to apply to your job.

This might seem like a surprising and somewhat counterintuitive piece of advice. Still, in fact, many recruiters already use this method to skim off some of the best talent from search engine queries and other websites that are likely to attract talent - like the websites of broadsheet newspapers. Use PPC Manchester Made by Factory to help you set up your ad campaign - and only pay per click on your adverts, making them super cost-effective.

Use Social Media

When we talk about social media in the business world, we're not only talking about LinkedIn. That said, LinkedIn is an excellent place from which to post your job listing. Their algorithms help sort jobs to the relevant personnel, which means that you should be able to list a job and naturally attract the kinds of candidates that you're looking for online.

Meanwhile, though, don't neglect your other social media platforms. Using the likes of Facebook and Twitter to share your job posting will help to share your vacancy with precisely the sort of people who already like and appreciate your brand - and you'll find that the 'share' features on social media will help web users send your job listing to the friends they think might be interested in it.

Use all of these methods if you want to cover as many bases as you can with your new job posting this year.

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