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How to Find the Right Candidate for a Job Role

April 16 2020 - You have worked hard to build up your business from scratch and create a company culture that you're proud of, so it's only natural that you'll have become obsessed with finding the best candidate that suits the environment and has your company's interests at heart. However, finding the finest talent around isn't the easiest of tasks, especially if you're inexperienced in the recruitment sector and may require some information on how to secure candidates.

In this guide, we're going to provide a brief list of tips to take into consideration to help you find the right candidate during the hiring process.

1. Write a clear job description

Many recruiters underestimate the importance of writing a clear, yet detailed job description that outlines the most important aspects of the job role. This gives you the opportunity to state what you're looking for in a candidate, as well as giving the applicant the chance to read up on whether it's the right job for them.

Don't just talk about the tasks and responsibilities of the job itself, give an overview of the company culture, and any additional benefits or perks which could sway them to apply.

2. Employee referrals

Asking for employee referrals is a straight-forward, quick, and hassle-free way to find suitable candidates. This internal strategy cuts out a large proportion of the hiring process by simply asking existing employees to recommend people from their personal network who may be interested. This has become a popular recruitment option for business professionals who are short of time but still keen to find the very best talent in the industry. Not only does this scheme improve the hiring quality, but it also increases the employee retention rate and cuts down expenses.

3. Job fairs

Hiring events or job fairs gives recruiters the chance to chat with interested candidates face-to-face and potentially conduct on-the-spot interviews if they believe they're the right fit for the job.

It will be a crowded market with many other businesses of the same industry in the same room, so you need to ensure that your booth stands out. Don't forget to bring brochures that include key information about your company, take the time to design your custom business card, and invest in eye-catching stands.

Make the effort to speak with as many job-seekers as possible to enhance your chances of finding the ideal candidate and make a note of their contact details, so you can invite them to attend an interview at a later date.

4. Recruitment agency

Another successful way of finding the best employees would be to use a professional recruitment agency. The agency takes responsibility for collecting all the information from the candidate, including skills, experience, and strengths, while conducting exhaustive background checks to ensure they're providing legitimate information. This means that the fault won't be placed on your shoulders if you are dissatisfied after they have been hired.

The great thing about hiring candidates this way is that often when they supply you with a candidate, you can try them out before committing to a contract, so you can monitor their performance over a period of time.


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