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5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Recruitment Agency To Hire New Engineering Staff

May 24 2021 - When it comes to hiring for your business, a recruitment agency can identify high-quality, experienced applicants whilst eliminating the arduous task of sifting through a seemingly infinite number of CVs and cover letters. A recruitment agency that specialises in a particular industry can also ensure that only job seekers with the highest level of experience and understanding relating to the job listing are shortlisted to advance to the next stage of the hiring process. Below are 5 reasons why you should consider using a recruitment agency when it comes to hiring new staff within the engineering sector:

1. Save time and money

This may sound obvious but the main reason as to why so many employers are choosing to outsource to recruitment agencies during a recruitment drive is to ensure that company time and money is spent as efficiently as possible and conserved for vital duties relating to the daily running of the business. It can also highlight the cost and time required for hiring new staff which prevents overspending on budgets if you were to recruit via in-house HR staff which can be up to £4,500 per vacancy.

2. Insider knowledge

By working with a recruitment agency that has specialist knowledge or a particular sector or operates solely within the engineering industry, you will not only be presented with the highest calibre of candidates for the job but also additional information. This can relate to current trends, movements and legalities of a specific industry that a standard recruitment agency may not be able to offer.

3. Access to the best talent pool

Recruitment agencies can offer solutions to even the trickiest of staffing vacancies by having access to a roster of highly skilled professionals at their disposal. This allows them to not only source the best candidate for the position - whether it be long-term or interim positions - but also tap into their expert knowledge and experience in order to attract the best possible applicant pool for any job description. Recruitment agencies also often have access to national job boards that are inaccessible and costly to navigate on your own and can advertise on these platforms on your behalf at no extra cost.

4. Additional services

Many recruitment agencies also offer additional services or premade packages guaranteed to streamline any current or future recruitment process. Hiring new staff is no mean feat and potential employees often require to be screened, filtered, profiled and interviewed multiple times before an official offer of employment can be made.

5. Salary negotiations

Recruitment consultants are also able to utilise their industry knowledge and experience to deliver an accurate salary range for any job listing presented to them. This is particularly useful when a business is expanding and creating new job roles that are in line with the progression of the company as a whole or the direction the industry is currently travelling in. They are also in a unique position in that they are able to compare salaries across a number of factors such as industry, location and experience to ensure you are valuing your talent as accurately and as fairly as possible.

If you are planning on hiring this year, a recruitment agency might come in handy.

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