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How to Ensure High Hygiene Standards in the Workplace
March 28 2019 - A poorly cleaned office space can cause havoc to your company's reputation but also risk the health of your employees.

Keeping Your Factory's Flooring up to Code
March 22 2019 - Factories have to be up to code so that accidents are kept to a minimum.

How to improve your warehouse safety
March 22 2019 - Implementing a warehouse health and safety plan is an integral part of ensuring employee wellbeing, and getting it right is key ensuring a smooth operation.

What To Think About When Purchasing A Vehicle
February 11 2019 - Whether you're buying a vehicle for work or leisure, it's a wise idea to know what to think about and consider before you put any money down.

5 ways to protect your workers with PPE this winter
January 11 2019 - When your employees are working in higher-risk industries where the chance of danger is increased from duties that require working at height, as well as with heavy machinery and powerful tools, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) may be necessary.

5 Ways That HR Can Drive Sales
December 31 2018 - It can be a huge challenge, but there are a few effective ways that HR can be used to boost sales and help the company to grow.

The Undeniable Relationship Between Effective HRM and Bespoke E-Commerce Solutions
November 14 2018 - How are e-commerce and human resources inexorably linked?

Ensuring Your Staff Are Prepared For Work Travel
June 11 2018 - Workers travelling cross-country and internationally poses a specific challenge to HR when it comes to ensuring compliance is upheld and standards are followed.

How to recover from a cyber-attack
October 23 2017 - Ever been fooled by a bogus email?

Brexit and Change Management
August 11 2016 - The certainty of change coming down the line makes this the perfect time to take a look at the challenges inherent in introducing any change within an organisation.

The Changing Nature of Human Resource Management
June 24 2015 - Here are some ways in which HR has changed in past years.

Employees Behaving Badly: UK Study Uncovers Office Habits
June 23 2015 - Surfing social media, printing CVs out at work and browsing the net are just some of the things that UK employees get up to during work hours, according to a study.

Looking to the future - are your feet on the ground or in the clouds?
March 20 2015 - In this article, Mark McKergow explores the various ways in which managers and leaders view the future including the dreamer, the realist, the business planner and the host.

Substance Abuse in the Workplace
May 10 2014 - Nearly one third of UK employers (32%) admit to not having enough knowledge or training to identify workers under the influence of recreational drugs.

Flexibility and resilience can boost the bottom line
March 10 2014 - Resilient managers who can choose when and how they work perform significantly better than 9-5 colleagues.

Top tips for new management consultants
March 4 2014 - Whether you're a beginner or an expert in your field, there are always new elements that can be added to your role to improve your outlook on your business.

The New Parental Leave rules - what they mean for the workplace
December 18 2013 - New statutory rules first trailed last year, have now been announced as coming into force in April 2015, which allow working mothers to effectively share their statutory maternity leave and pay entitlement with their partners.

Why the work-life balance is now more important than ever
October 23 2012 - The business case for job satisfaction is clear: satisfied employees make for a more engaged workforce that will be committed and advocate the business. What's more it'll make for a more productive and profitable business.

Technology extends the working day
July 2 2012 - Replying to emails and answering work calls at home means that the average UK employee is putting in an extra three weeks a year in overtime.

The Importance Of Not Being Ernest
June 4 2012 - Creating an environment where humour - and laughter - is viewed positively will create a place of enjoyment.

Monitoring Job Satisfaction
February 10 2012 - Employee satisfaction is a key indicator for defining staff rewards and benefits and over 70% of businesses have taken steps to monitor it.

Stress is number one cause of long-term absences
October 5 2011 - Stress has been identified as the most significant cause of long-term absence according to this year's CIPD/Simplyhealth Absence Management survey.

HR Changes Can Increase Stress
January 21 2008 - Teamworking and other contemporary employment practices can put as much strain on a woman's family relationships as working an extra 120 hours a year.

Management Consultants - What Do They Do?
August 1 2007 - Research funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) challenges the notion that management consultants play a vital role as expert outsiders in disseminating new approaches within organizations.

UK Business Vulnerable To Globalization
August 29 2006 - A new TUC report acknowledges that UK employees undoubtedly benefit from cheap goods and greater prosperity resulting from globalization, but are more vulnerable to its negative effects than others in Europe.

Hairdressers and Managers - Today's Working Icons
August 23 2006 - A recent report from the Work Foundation identifies the occupations of hairdresser, management consultant, celebrity and manager as offering the best insight into current trends and the nature of working life.

A new boss, please, say one-third of employees
August 22 2006 - A survey of 1700 adult employees in the UK shows that almost one-third of (31 per cent) would change their manager if they could. Nearly one in four (22 per cent) felt they could do a better job themselves, with men (25 per cent) more confident of their ability than women (18 per cent).

Aesthetic Labour: Looking Good, Sounding Right
Updated August 2 2006 - 'Aesthetic labour' is a concept based on the notion that employers in parts of the service industries described as the 'style labour market' (Nickson et al, 2004, p.3), such as boutique hotels, designer retailers and style cafes, bars and restaurants, require 'aesthetic skills' in addition to social and technical skills from their workers.

World Cup 'Sickies'
June 15 2006 - Amicus has attracted the wrath of business owners following widely-cited reports in the media that it has encouraged World Cup 'sickies'. Meanwhile employees are spending more time on World Cup websites.

Laughing gurus
Amended April 29 2006 - The use of humour is one key to the success of management gurus. Researchers Dr Tim Clark and Dr David Greatbatch, authors of Management Speak: Why We Listen to What Management Gurus Tell Us, analysed the techniques used by world-famous gurus such as Tom Peters, Rosabeth Moss Kanter and Gary Hamel. They found that successful gurus employ skilful communication techniques, especially humour, to promote their sometimes uncomfortable messages.

Budget Comments
March 23 2006 - A selection of comments on Gordon Brown's Budget speech:

Internal communications - don't just do it - use it!
By David Oliver, Fourth Corner Communications

Internal communications - don't just do it - use it!
By David Oliver, Fourth Corner Communications. Part 2 - Effective communication

Academics and students abuse non-teaching staff, say UNISON
June 20 2005 - Support staff in Higher Education are treated with very little respect for the services they provide to academics and students according to a UNISON survey.

BT and Accenture Sign 10-Year HR Outsourcing Contract
February 2 2005 - BT and Accenture have signed a 10-year, 306 million (US$575 million) business process outsourcing (BPO) and transformation contract for human resource (HR) administration services.

Chancellor's measures not enough
December 11 2003 - The UK will still be behind in the productivity stakes, according to Will Hutton, chief executive of The Work Foundation.

Department for Work and Pensions
June 16 2003 - Following Tony Blair's reshuffle of the Cabinet and Junior Ministers, the new Secretary of State for Work and Pensions is Andrew Smith.

E-mails Damaging Efficiency
January 9 2003 - Managers are being deluged by e-mails, according to a survey by the British Computer Society (BCS).

TUC General Secretary-elect's New Year Concerns
4 January 2003 - Text of TUC General Secretary-elect, Brendan Barber's New Year message:

New Employment Bill introduced
8 November 2001 - The Government claims that its new Employment Bill is aimed at delivering a balanced package of support for working parents and, at the same time, reducing red tape for employers and simplifying the process for settling disputes in the workplace.

TUC welcomes new Employment Bill
8 November 2001 - The TUC welcomed the Employment Bill plan for grievance and disciplinary procedures.

Work permit system reconsidered
3 October 2001 - Home Secretary David Blunkett is to review the work permit system for skilled economic migrants.

Blood-borne viruses in the workplace
10 August 2001 - A new booklet, "Blood-borne viruses in the workplace - guidance for employers and employees" has been published by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

CBI absenteeism survey
16 May 2001 - British employees averaged 7.8 days absence from the workplace in 2000 - amounting to a total of 192 million days or 3.4 per cent of total working time.

Damaging myths?
4 May 2001 - Digby Jones, Director-General of the Confederation of British Industry criticised a number of "damaging myths" about the consultation rules that govern company plant closures

Tube delays are hitting London's productivity
18 April 2001 - According to a 'snapshot survey' by the Industrial Society, almost 9 in 10 managers in the capital feel that the performance of the London Underground has a negative or very negative impact on their workplace.

One in ten school kids play truant to work
28 March 2001 - TUC research suggests that more than 100,000 schoolchildren play truant in order to do paid work.

CIPD - New examiners
23 March 2001 - The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development has made a number of appointments to support its Professional Qualification Scheme.

Men dress smarter than women in the office
23 March 2001 - A survey commissioned by Austin Reed reveals that men dress more smartly than women in the office.

Joint call by TUC and CBI for budget to improve productivity
4 March 2001 - The Confederation of British Industry and the Trades Union Congress were asked by Chancellor Gordon Brown to work together on budget proposals.

TUC's campaign on call centre working
20 February 2001 - There were almost 400 calls to a TUC hotline in the first week of its campaign on call centre working. 397 call handlers contacted the TUC in 6 days, complaining about issues

New Deal creates jobs in Britain
2 January 2001 - Kerry Marks a 24-year-old from Brighton, unemployed on and off since leaving school, now runs her own business, Squeaky Clean with 3 employees because of New Deal.

Growing stress levels worry employers
29 November 2000 - A survey of 565 HR specialists (a 10% response rate from questionnaires sent out to a random selection of 5,600 by the Industrial Society) appears to show evidence of growing concern about worker stress amongst UK employers.

Work and Parents: Competitiveness and Choice
7 December 2000 - After much leaking to the press, the Green Paper on "Work and Parents: Competitiveness and Choice" has been released.

UK economy praised
22 November 2000 - Whilst concluding that "The overall performance of the UK economy remains impressive" and labour market policies "continue to be exemplary" in comparison with other European countries there is still a problem with employee productivity.

Work-life balance
20 November 2000 - The 'Work-life Balance 2000' baseline study was conducted jointly by the Institute for Employment Research, University of Warwick and IFF Research.


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