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Purchasing Name Badges for Your Employees

December 20 2022 - There are always lots of things that you must think about when operating your own business. However, you can often find that the smaller details get overlooked. One of these small details may be name badges for your employees. Whether your employees are dealing with customers face-to-face or not, identification is still crucial in your business.

The Information to Put onto Each Badge

Before going out and placing a larger order for a number of name badges, you must stop. Establish what information you want to be featured/included on the name badge and why. For instance, do you want an employee's full name to be included, and do you feel that pronouns or non-gender references need to be used? Are you looking at adding the role or position and employee holds too? When you can establish just what information has to be included on a name badge (and should be), you can then start thinking about the look and the size of the badge.

The Type of Badge You Want to Introduce

So, are you looking at fixed enamel badges to highlight the work your business does? Or, are you looking at name badges, lanyards, or reusable badges that feature your company logo/branding? The badge's look, size, and style will have a greater impact than you ever anticipate, so take time to think about what you want to see (and need to see) on badges. To establish what type of name badge you want, you must think about the rest of your business uniform or apparel. Carefully think about what type of name badges would work well with your apparel and what styles would complement it.

Increased Security Within the Workplace

As you are looking at name badges, it is also important to look at the aspect of increased security within the workplace. Increased security through name badges and even lanyards can help you create a safer working environment for everyone. It can also help you ensure that customers/clients feel safe at all times. When name badges are present and worn, members of staff or employees will be easy to identify, which will build trust internally and externally.

Sourcing a Supplier or Stockist

Once you have established your requirements, it is time to start sourcing suppliers and stockists. Whether you are ordering 20 or 200 name badges, you must be sure that you seek out high-quality at all times. If name badges are cheaply produced, you will find that they will not last. This will have an impact on how branded company apparel looks and feels. To source a supplier or stockist, start by looking at who competitors use. Begin establishing minimum order requirements, and check out turnaround times. To secure a supplier or stockist, you need to balance delivery and turnaround times against price. Being prepared to pay a little more for quality is important. Purchasing cheaper mass-produced products that have been created with little care and attention will backfire on your business and end up costing you more in the long run.



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