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Getting your workplace ready for the colder weather

June 24 2021 - We often think of sorting our homes out ready for the onset of colder weather, but how much attention do we give our place of work. It is always better to prepare before the colder weather sets in rather than wait until it is here and have the rush of getting things sorted out. It also means that if any work needs to be carried out, it can be done when everyone is not freezing and uncomfortable.

Lighting changes due to weather and time of year

Make sure that all lighting is working and to the relevant brightness for your building.

Generally, when the weather gets colder, the light changes as well. This means that now is the perfect time to get any lighting issues addressed, as poor lighting in a place of work can cause employees to go off sick with headaches and eye strain.

Check all your heating options within your business

Ensure that all your heating options within your business are working to their fullest and that there is hot water available for handwashing in the toilets and washing up in the staff canteens.

Bleed radiators regularly to make sure that they are working properly, and if you find any fault with the central heating system, call in a qualified plumber (or corgi registered plumber if it is a boiler issue or repair) to sort it out. It may be beneficial for you to sign up for some sort of yearly boiler service if your business has not already got one.

If your heating fails, you may find that you have a lot of grumpy and uncomfortable employees on your hands. Employees who are uncomfortable or cold will work slower and require more warm drinks to warm them up.

Check your external doors and windows

Have a close check on all your external doors and windows. Make sure that there are no draughts and that the seals are intact and not warped in any way. Address any draughty doors with draught excluders.

If there are gaps in the seals on the windows or they are warped, you may find that the windows themselves are blown, and there is condensation building between the panes of glass. If this is the case, you might find it beneficial to get the windows replaced.

Final thoughts

Make sure that your place of work is ready for the cold weather like you would your home. Keep all your workers happy and warm and with the correct brightness of light, so that eye strain and headaches do not happen.

Try to keep the temperature as stable as possible with fresh ventilation. This will prevent coughs and colds from taking hold of your workforce and the inevitable sick time these infections inflict. Ensure to bleed the radiators regularly and do not leave it until the last minute to sort out any heating or hot water issues. Check that there are no draughts blowing through any of the external doors and that the windows are in good condition.



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