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How to Design the Perfect Office Space for Your Employees

September 30 2022 - Employees thrive in the right environment. When they’re working in a bright, welcoming hub that promotes creativity and wellness, this results in them being happier and more productive.

Due to this, it’s essential your business provides an office space with all the right qualities in place. The problem: there are many points to go over when selecting and designing your office. The solution: this article.

Below are the key points to consider when learning how to design the perfect office space for your employees.

Find the right office space

Before you can start designing the perfect office, you need to find a space that will act as your canvas. There are numerous elements to ponder before deciding to sign on the dotted line for an office lease. The most important is arguably the office layout, with the property’s location a close second - particularly when thinking about convenience for employees.

It is also highly recommended to work with an agency specialist. When you have someone like The Workplace Company fighting your corner, they have the experience and know-how to find the best office for your needs and secure favourable lease terms to keep those costs down.

Decide the layout

Once you have secured an office, the next step is to decide on the layout. This involves deciding on where to place all of your furnishings and equipment. If you only have a small office with a few employees, arranging the layout should be straightforward.

However, the task becomes a little trickier if you want to add the likes of a meeting room or reception area. You’ll want to ensure the flow of the office is a seamless one, where employees don’t feel cramped or awkward while doing their day-to-day tasks.

Furniture and décor

A comfortable chair can make all the difference to improve employee morale. Ergonomic office chairs should be a given, while it’s also wise to have additional plush seating for your staff when eating and unwinding.

In terms of décor, you want to select items that accurately reflect the style and branding of your business. Bright colours and a stylish, modern design can play a role in creating a warm, welcoming office space.

Go natural

Even though your office is indoors, this doesn’t mean you cannot bring the outdoors in. In that regard, try and promote as much natural light as possible. The more windows you have, the better - and make sure these aren’t being obstructed for no valid reason. If there’s a lack of natural sunlight, the next best alternative is to opt for artificial lighting like overhead lights and lamps.

Plants are another way to bring nature into the office. They also supply various benefits. As well as adding greenery and a splash of colour to the space, they also enhance air quality. Low-maintenance plants are always a safe bet because, despite their best intentions, a busy office might forget to water them regularly!



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