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Too much screen time?
Here are 5 ways to turn a lazy day into a productive one!


June 17 2020 - Many of us may be finding it hard to be productive during this difficult time, especially when our work and social life are all centred around the same location. For the days when we're not working, productivity can be low and we're often distracted by technology, TV shows and YouTube videos, in aid of wanting to wind down after a hard week of work. Of course, there's nothing wrong with this, but it can feel like a wasted day.

The team at discount code and charity fundraising website Savoo have compiled a list of five daily habits to keep you motivated and productive outside of working hours, ensuring you make the most of every day.

Create a to-do list

There's no doubt that we're used to doing them in the office, ensuring tasks with deadlines are completed and tracking the progress of big projects, but what about creating lists outside of the working day?

Having a list prepared the night before can give you a head start on your productive day. From small tasks such as changing the bed sheets to doing your garden project, keep the list precise and straight to the point. A fantastic idea is to also colour code the tasks that are most important to you; this way you can easily assess which tasks need to be taken care of first. Colour coding your todo list in groups is also a great way to tackle multiple tasks at once. If you need to take care of administrative tasks, highlight them all in one colour. This way you can take a glance at your todo list and tackle all of them one after another whilst remaining in the right frame of mind.

Limit your phone time

In the current climate, this may be the hardest tip to master. Our phones can cause the biggest distractions, from YouTube videos to endlessly scrolling through social media, it's important that we're able to set them aside and crack on with our to-dos.

A really simple but effective tip is to set a time to check your phone. Dedicate 30 minutes every morning and evening to check and browse your phone, reply to any messages or catch up on that YouTube video. The weekends can mean our screentime rockets and takes up most of our day - the same can be said for our evenings. The subconscious motion of reaching to pick up your phone despite knowing you have nothing to check is one of the biggest reasons our days productivity reduces. Another simple trick is to turn your phone upside down or, even better, put it on silent. This way if you do receive a message you won't be tempted to reach over and reply instantly.

Clear your space

Although this may seem like a strange tip, it can make a world of difference. Tidying is a task many of us don't like doing and it's often left as an 'end of the week job'. Decluttering your wardrobes, chest of drawers or specific areas of a room can really have an impact on your day.

A good tip is to focus on a different room each week. Think about moving items around, rearranging furniture or removing old elements of the room to give it a new lease of life. When you take a step back to see what a difference you've made, you'll be in the zone to continue being productive throughout the day.

Spend time on things you enjoy

Whether it's doing some exercise or improving a certain skill, hobbies are incredibly important and are a great way of spending your time. Not only does it get you away from potentially being sat in front of a screen all day, it helps give you motivation. One trick to think about is buying new equipment as sometimes all it takes is a new running outfit to get you in the mood. Purchasing new paint brushes and photography equipment can also give you the extra push to be productive and really take your hobby to the next level.

Take time for yourself

Our health and wellbeing is fundamentally important so ensure you set aside time to focus on it. There are a vast number of ways you can do this to keep yourself in the productive mindset.

Make the most of exercise by setting a daily routine which allows you to get out of the house and move your body. Yoga is incredibly popular for switching off and clearing the mind. Running also gives you the time to think and put ideas into perspective. Planning how you're going to tackle your tasks on your run can give you the added motivation you might need to ensure you have a productive day.

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