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How Businesses Can Ensure Their Workplace Is Prepared For A Fire Drill

May 10 2023 - Fire drills are a crucial part of ensuring fire safety in the workplace, as they can help you prepare your employees for emergency situations which may occur.

Conducting fire drills on a regular basis can:

  • help you let employees know what is expected of them and how they should react
  • allow you to check how effective your evacuation plan is
  • ensure you can make improvements
  • confirm you have the right number of fire wardens
  • make observations and record your drill

This way, when a fire alarm sounds, you will have peace of mind that your team knows what to do, which could potentially save lives. Below you will find a few key things that businesses of all sizes should think about when it comes to preparing effectively for a fire drill.

Set Up A Detailed Plan

If you want to see if emergency procedures will work, itís crucial to set up a detailed plan first. Although you may want everyone to participate at the same time, this might not be feasible due to the nature of your workplace or other factors. This means that you should ensure that each employee gets to take part in a fire drill at least once a year. You may also want to go through various scenarios and think about where a fire might start, which will help you establish roles and responsibilities and map evacuation routes.

Maintain Dry And Wet Risers

A riser refers to a system of pipes, which run through the inside of a building, allowing water to be delivered quickly in case of a fire emergency. Cease Fire Dry Risers can assist you with dry and wet risers installation and maintenance. They also offer a free no obligation quotation, as well as more information on exactly how a project will be carried out by their qualified engineers. Their servicing and maintenance services include visual inspections and remedial repairs.

Establish Goals And Standards

Itís also advisable to establish specific goals and standards for your first fire drill, as this will ensure you will be able to improve them over time. For example, you may find that employees take too much time to go outside safely, so you may want to look into ways to reduce the time from drill activation to evacuation. You may want to check for any difficulties that people might be experiencing, such as any challenges when using the escape routes or obstacles that might be preventing them from moving more quickly.

Record Results

Once you start conducting fire drills regularly, you should remember to record the results that you have gathered in a logbook. This will help you keep track of your teamís progress and assess different areas, which might need to be improved. For instance, you may want to note down whether a fire alarm can be heard in all parts of the building. Also, you should consider whether training is sufficient at this point or if you need to arrange further training sessions. As a result, you may find that your fire risk assessment needs reviewing, so you might need to get more detailed information.



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