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Creating an Ideal Workspace

June 9 2020 - Everyone wants to feel good about going into work in the morning. The job itself will play a huge part in that, but don't underestimate the power of your office design. Creating a positive, calming and creative atmosphere at work is a great way to keep your team motivated and achieve your business goals. People's surroundings have a big impact on their physical and mental health, which will directly affect your company's productivity and reputation. The more good things your employees have to say about working for your company, the better. Here are some great ways you can turn your offices into the ideal workspace.

Find the Right Office

As a business, large or small, you will need to rent reasonable office space to house your staff. Serviced offices are ideal, as they usually come fully furnished and have more flexible payment terms, which are particularly useful for smaller, growing companies. Other things you need to consider include: is the location any good? This is important, both for clients to find you and for your employees to get to work easily every day. Is the office accessible for those with disabilities? Is the office big enough for your requirements and will your staff feel comfortable working there? All of these things are key to creating a positive working environment. To find the best deals on a serviced London office rental, use The Workplace Company to help you in your search. Similar services will be available in other cities, too.

Encourage Open Communication

A team needs to communicate effectively to achieve targets and other business goals. However, you should also encourage communication outside of work tasks that have been set. It can be difficult for people to address any issues or concerns they might have at work, for fear that they will be considered difficult or ridiculed, or that they're making a situation worse. This is a negative experience for those individuals and, more often than not, feeling as though they can't communicate their worries does make things worse. Make sure that your employees know they can approach you with any problems they might be struggling with and that you're there to support them.

Reward Hard Work and Team Spirit

Your employees must know how to work together as a team, but it's also important that they know their hard work in appreciated. To rouse a sense of team spirit, set targets for each department to reach and turn it into a friendly competition between them. Reward them with gift vouchers, treat them to gift hampers or organise a team day out to give them incentives and show your appreciation. If people feel as though their efforts are being recognised and they can progress at a company, you will retain your staff and get a good reputation as an employer.

Keeping up morale and making sure your staff are happy to come into work is essential if you want your business to be a success. Make sure you're creating this ideal workspace by finding the perfect offices and encouraging the right attitudes at work.



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