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HR Tips For Businesses In 2021

May 21 2021 - Life in HR has certainly been challenging during the COVID-19 pandemic, and things will not get any easier in the coming months as the world tentatively starts to return to normal. It would be naive to think that it will simply be a case of business as usual as the pandemic will have a long-term impact on employees and businesses, and HR will certainly have their hands full. It can also be seen as a time for positive change to be made and HR departments that succeed during this period could bring about a fruitful business period, and help staff feel much happier. So, here are a few tips that will hopefully come in helpful moving forward.

Make Communication A Priority

Perhaps most important is to simply make sure that communication is happening during this transition period. Employees will want to feel supported, and people are likely to have questions and concerns moving forward, particularly if you have plans to bring people back into the office (more on this to come). Therefore, you need to make sure that it is easy for employees to get in touch and encourage people to come forward if they have anything on their minds. When everyone works together, it will help to keep everyone happy and allow the best solutions to be found.

Consider Hybrid Working

The main topic of conversation happening right now is what businesses will do moving ahead in terms of remote work. For some businesses, this has been beneficial for both the business and staff, so they may plan to continue with remote work moving forward. For others, it has been a challenge, and there are some staff that would prefer to come back in at least on a part-time basis. It will depend on your business, but many are adopting a hybrid model, which involves having flexibility and staff splitting their time between home and the office. This certainly could work well for many businesses and should be discussed.

Pay Attention To Government Advice

It is also important to understand that the pandemic is not yet over, and the last year has shown that the unexpected can happen. It is still a fast-changing situation, so you need to pay close attention to what the latest Government advice is and be able to make changes if necessary. This is why it is smart to consider the potential outcomes for the coming months and make plans for every eventuality.

Make Employee Wellbeing A Priority

Everyone has struggled during the pandemic for one reason or another. Many people have lost loved ones, may have been ill themselves, had financial difficulties, and had concerns over their job and the overall stress and anxiety of the situation. Experts believe that the pandemic will have a serious and long-term impact on people’s mental health and HR needs to recognise and prepare for this.

You should be making employee wellbeing a priority moving forward, which might include providing flexibility, listening to staff’s concerns, checking in, and providing resources for those that are struggling. Additionally, you should try to create a positive workplace culture and try to bring staff together. This will help the business and help people recover and create a positive space for people moving forward.

Seek Professional Advice For Redundancies

Sadly, many businesses will be making redundancies once the furlough scheme ends in September. The economic impact of the pandemic will be felt by all, and if you have looked into alternatives but still find that redundancies are unavailable, you will find it helpful to speak with HR professionals that can assist with a redundancy consultation for a fair and legal redundancy process.

Embrace New Technology

COVID-19 and technology have forever changed the way in which businesses operate, and will play an even more important role. You should be utilizing the latest tech to overcome the challenges of remote work, gain deeper insight and improve staff performance. Remote work tools, data analytics, cloud computing, and AI will all play a major role in the business world moving forward.

It will certainly be a challenging period ahead for HR, employees, and businesses as a whole, but when HR is ready and able to adapt to the new normal, it will hopefully be a smooth transition and help staff to feel supported as well as take the business forward to begin their recovery from the pandemic. The landscape of HR has changed, potentially for the long term. These tips should help anyone in that position to navigate this new landscape.



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