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The Undeniable Relationship Between Effective HRM and Bespoke E-Commerce Solutions

November 16 2018 - We are all aware that the methods associated with human resource management have evolved in leaps and bounds during recent years. Thanks to the digital revolution as well as the increased presence of mobile devices, the concept of "business as usual" holds little logistical weight. This is why human resource specialists need to be able to procure and utilise the best tools within the industry. You might be surprised to learn that modern e-commerce solutions represent a sizeable segment of this puzzle. How are e-commerce and human resources inexorably linked? What methods can be employed so that in-house efficiency will be maximised?

HRM and E-Commerce: Two Sides of the Same Digital Coin

The first subject to address is how human resource management and e-commerce solutions are linked. After all, HRM (from a general point of view) is associated with payroll and employee management. E-commerce is more concerned with sales, marketing, publicity, and product inventory control. The common ground shared by each is the simple fact that employee performance will often dictate sales figures and revenue generation.

Robust e-commerce solutions are able to provide the clarity and insight required in order to appreciate how a business is performing. Perhaps more importantly, these platforms will illustrate which approaches need to be modified as well as those that are already producing viable results. Without this level of introspection, it would be difficult for managers to identify areas that appear to be lacking.

In the event that employee or team performance is lacking, such an issue can be proactively addressed before it evolves into a more profound (and costly) problem. It is now possible to analyse discrete variables such as sales figures, in-house inventory and client satisfaction in order to discover the needle buried within the proverbial "hay stack".

Real-World Applications

We have mainly been discussing theory up until this point. However, it is always worthwhile to provide a real-world example so that the methodologies mentioned above can be fully understood. Let us imagine for a moment that a human resources professional is employed by a firm that wishes to sell concert tickets. As the title already suggests, the success or failure of this organisation will be mainly impacted by the proportion of ticket sales during a given period of time (such as a financial quarter).

Insightful software bundles such as those provided by Shopify are able to provide a clear picture in regards to sales and revenue generation. Management can therefore better understand how their firm is performing on a daily basis as opposed to having to wait for outdated (and confusing) information to be filtered through a native in-house platform.

Above all, the human resources sector is likely to rely upon e-commerce software solutions in the coming years due to their inherently streamlined and user-friendly design. Businesses that are hoping to remain one step ahead of their closest competitors are encouraged to examine these options in greater detail. There is no doubt that HRM is not what it used to be.



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