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5 Ways That HR Can Drive Sales

December 31 2018 - Every department of a company is closely linked to the other and when all areas are working efficiently, it will help the business to grow and succeed. All of the departments are important and intertwined, but two which are particularly important are human resources and sales. This is because in order for a sales team to do their job effectively, the employees will need to feel happy, motivated and focused at all times. It can be a huge challenge, but there are a few effective ways that HR can be used to boost sales and help the company to grow.

1. Recruitment

The first way that HR can help sales is through recruitment. You need to make sure that you are hiring the right people for the job who are not only skilled with the relevant experience but their attitude and general approach to their work is aligned with your business. When you can recruit a team of skilled salespeople that work well alongside one another, it will foster a positive working environment that everyone can benefit from.

2. Training

While it is true that some sales tactics have always remained effective, the changing marketplace means that there are also new developments that sales staff need to be aware of. It means that the HR team needs to be on the ball concerning new training opportunities, conferences, seminars and so on. Doing so will help the sales team to stay sharp and modern to improve their workplace performance.

3. Understanding Strategy

In order to find the right talent to fill the gaps, the HR team needs to understand the sales strategy which will include what is working well and what is not. Close communication with sales leaders will help HR to strengthen the team and build sales success over time.

4. Providing Support

Sales can be a stressful environment to work in and often the sales staff will need support which HR can provide. Performances can fluctuate heavily in sales, but you can reduce this by providing support to the sales staff for times that they need it. It could be simply listening to their troubles, motivating employees or making suggestions. It is important that it is not just those who are struggling are given support because those that are performing well will need praise, while middle performers can be pushed to increase their efforts and avoid dips.

5. Morale

HR can also use tactics to keep morale high in order to boost sales. Creating YouTube videos is a highly effective way to boost sales and engage your target audience, plus this can also be a fun activity for the sales team to do together. Creating a YouTube channel is straightforward and the team can then work together to create compelling videos which advertise products and boost sales. These videos can enhance both morale and sales while allowing you to show off your brand's personality.

HR and sales are closely linked departments as the sales team needs to be looked after and motivated in order to succeed. These are all effective ways that HR can help the sales team to carry out their roles to a high performance and drive the entire company forward.



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