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The Changing Nature of Human Resource Management

June 24 2015 - The business world is constantly evolving and changing, not only due to changing socio-political and economic environments, but also due to the impact of technological innovation. It is easy to see big changes like the rise of multinational companies and drastic changes in labour laws and practices, yet small shifts in the status quo can also have a big impact. A company's HR policies need to reflect this, so here are some ways in which HR has changed in past years.

From Administrators to Strategic Partners

The role that an HR department can play has changed significantly. Instead of just dealing with 'hiring and firing' and administering payrolls, HR professionals are now key role players in driving the growth of a company. With a clear picture of where a company wants to go, a talented HR professional can ensure that individuals that join the company fit that vison, and will serve to further its goals. It is also through good HR management that talent is recognised and nurtured. This ensures that the right people reach the right posts. Why not promote a suitable candidate from within the company rather than taking a risk on a new hire?

From Company Enforcers to Employee Advocates

In the past HR departments were expected to be ruthless, their main role was to mete out punishment and dole out rewards. The main question in HR was "what happened and how do we react?" If something good happened there was a reward to have it happen again, and if something bad happened heads would roll. Nowadays HR has become less reactive and more proactive. Now the question is "how can I structure the work environment so that good things happen?" The value of an effective and happy employee is once again at the forefront. As Henry Ford said: "You can take my factories, burn up my buildings, but give me my people and I'll build the business right back again."

From Offices to the Cloud

Major companies have come to rely on a global and flexible workforce. If a company wants to be at the forefront of their sector the days of having all your role players in one building nine to five are gone. Any company with an eye on the future understands the importance of flexibility and in the 'global village' you cannot afford to have your presence limited to one small area. Video conferencing and other IT solutions have made it possible to bring employees from all over the world into the office at a moment's notice. This means that HR has to adapt as well. HR resources need to be available 24/7 from anywhere in the world and this has led to the rise of cloud based HR resources, like those offered by XCDHR for example. These days it is unacceptable to not have immediate access to the tools required to keep your company running. Not when the means are readily available.

Like everything HR is changing. Technology and changing times have started making new demands from companies all over the world. This is however not a negative thing. By changing and adapting HR management has become an indispensable part of a company's future.



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