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Top tips for new management consultants

Whether you're a beginner or an expert in your field, there are always new elements that can be added to your role to improve your outlook on your business. Being the point of call for your team of employees, or investing time in your personal development as a freelancer means more time to be spent on developing your skills and the role itself. Below are some tips that will always be useful, particularly so if you're getting started as a management consultant.

Know your client

Don't make the mistake of calling your prospective client's employee by the wrong name - or worse, completely falling out of contact with them. Check LinkedIn and the client's site to put faces to names. Store profile pictures alongside their email and contact details on both your phone and emails to have an immediate knowledge of your points of contact.

Take a step back

You may have been called on for a new aspect to a company, or to renovate failing techniques, but remember that you are the extra in this scenario. Make sure to avoid becoming overly involved in a company until you're fully familiar with their techniques and processes.

Take out insurance

When you're becoming involved with a company on such a professional and integrated level, you need to put the appropriate precautions in place in case of professional misconduct or further circumstances that couldn't be predicted. Choose an insurance designed for management consultants, like that provided by Markel. This will prevent any severe financial impact on both yours and your client's business should any incidents occur.

Don't allow overlooked mistakes

Typos are all too common in important presentations and client documentation. The focus should be on your great, forward-thinking ideas, not on the slip of the keyboard finger that's accidentally spelt the client's name incorrectly. Check over all documentation and presentations meticulously, then have someone else look over it before every meeting and presentation to avoid being called out on your grammar errors.

Be aware of competitors and predecessors

Your ideas should be the winning ones; it's just one of the reasons you have more than likely replaced someone or been chosen over someone else's services. Research current and relevant competition and better yourself where you can. If you notice flaws or positives in their work, adjust your own accordingly. Likewise, be aware of those that came before you as it's likely they made a few minor mistakes that you could avoid. Don't over-compare yourself, but be aware of the holes in other people's ideas to make yours as relevant as possible.

Be aware of all the above, but be confident in yourself and your ideas. Remember that you're doing something that nobody else is and you will be recognised for this. Pay close attention to detail and keep content fresh, as well as your knowledge of your client.


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