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5 Common Errors with Designing an Infographic and How to Avoid Them
June 6 2023 - Making a basic infographic can be easy, but making one visually engaging and appealing to the viewer is harder

Transforming HR Communication: Crafting Engaging Presentations for Success
May 19 2023 - Strategic preparation and meticulous thought go into creating presentations that are interesting and have an influence on the audience.

What can recent tech failures teach us about workplace digital transformation?
April 12 2023 - Outdated, sluggish technology combined with a failure to understand employee needs continue to cause devastating business outcomes.

How To Make B2C Communication More Engaging
March 18 2022 - Do you ever wonder how many of your contacts actually read and engage with these messages?

Great Skills To Learn When Youíre Working
November 24 2021 - Here are some of the most useful that will help you discover more about yourself and give you the best chance of an excellent career.

The Value of Powerful Employee Branding
August 30 2021 - Powerful employee branding is indeed valuable, so here are some tips on why and how you should go about addressing it.

The best way to avoid three common HR problems before they occur
June 20 2021 - Most good HR departments should be trying to avoid these problems from even happening in the first place.

5 Tactical Tips for Increasing your Brandís Visibility
February 24 2021 - There are many ways to measure the success of a business, but surely one of the key indicators is the visibility of its brand.

Ways to Boost Confidence in Public Speaking
October 26 2020 - Speaking in front of many people might seem like an easy task for some, but it's anxiety-inducing for others.

Every employee should become their own 'Chief Communications Officer'
July 21 2020 - Supporting and empowering employees to take on the unofficial role of Chief Communications Officer.

Why It's Important to Outsource an Event
April 16 2020 - Professionals who understand what you and your company need what the goals for the event are and what will be required to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

Seven Tips to Start Speaking at Events and Conferences
February 23 2020 - The credentials of top speakers are a key selling point in the run-up to conferences, and can sometimes be the main reason that delegates have chosen to attend the event.

Planning Events: How to Plan the Perfect Corporate Event
October 12 2019 - It's important to choose the right venue for your corporate event. Keep reading for planning events: how to plan the perfect corporate event.

Employee Surveys: 7 Common Mistakes that Will Ruin Your Data
June 17 2019 - Employee surveys remain one of the best methods to measure and track employee engagement.

Tips for Organising a Corporate Event
May 21 2019 - Organising a corporate event can be a difficult and overwhelming experience when you've never done it before.

Do You Dominate Meetings? How to Step Back and Let Others Have a Voice
August 14 2018 - HOW you run your meeting makes all the difference.

Crisis communication: the power of video during uncertain times
July 27 2018 - Amidst all of the recent uncertainty, video is quickly emerging as a powerful corporate communication medium.

How To Be Communication Savvy In The Digital Age
July 14 2018 - This article explains why you need to be flexible and adaptable with communication in the digital age.

6 bad meeting habits which could be silencing introverts
June 29 2018 - Whether the workplace atmosphere is dominated by a loud CEO, a talkative sales exec or Brenda in accounts, there can often be a clear line drawn in the sand between introverts and extroverts.

It's not me, it's you: re-thinking the exit interview process to transform the employee experience
April 15 2018 - The exit interview has been seen as an exercise in qualitative feedback, with responses delivering very little actionable data back to the business.

The value of video in employee onboarding
March 6 2018 - The faster new hires feel welcomed and prepared for their jobs, the faster they will be able to successfully contribute to the business.

The new rules of meeting room etiquette
February 2 2018 - While much common sense meeting room etiquette remains relevant, advances in technology mean that some of the old, more bureaucratic rules can be thrown out.

10 Reasons Why You Should Always Listen To Your Customers
October 27 2015 - It is more important than ever to listen to your customers - and if you've ever checked TripAdvisor you'll realise why.

Eight tips to making your company Christmas video stand out
December 2 2014 - As the Christmas season draws closer, company Christmas videos start to circulate to employees, customers, partners and associates.

A modern business needs a mobile workforce
October 24 2014 - The modern employee is no longer tied to an office desktop. Whether it is on a smartphone, a laptop or a tablet, employees are increasingly taking their work with them wherever they go.

What Does the Next-generation Worker Expect from the Modern Employer?
March 21 2014 - This is a question that gets asked a lot but the answer is simple: the next-generation worker expects use of state-of-the-art technology, mobile working and the adoption of social media within the enterprise.

HR app asks workers "how d'you feel right now?"
December 16 2013 - John Telfer, managing director at IBP looks at alternative methods for obtaining employee feedback and explains why a healthy dose of gaming theory can bring surprising results.

Collaboration at Work: If You Have a Message, Say it with Social Media
May 26 2013 - The recent announcement that Skype Video will be integrated into Outlook Email for instance shows how video, as a social tool, is becoming ever more engrained in modern day communications.

How Video Technology Enhances the Remote Worker's Experience
March 14 2013 - If you provide the right technology - which is definitely available - it is possible for employers to support remote workers and make sure they are productive, involved and in touch.

Why choose video to communicate?
August 30 2012 - Whilst the idea of using video is by no means a new concept, corporations have only recently started to embrace it and taken note of internal and external stakeholder's need to engage with businesses through this channel.

Language Skills In Demand
June 11 2010 - Language skills definitely improve chances of employment according to a survey by specialist language recruiter, Euro London Appointments

Internal Communication Can Improve Organizational Cohesion And Performance
August 29 2007 - Recent research from the Work Foundation calls for increased recognition of the potential of internal communications (IC) to improve organizational cohesion and performance.

Internal communications - don't just do it - use it!
The internal communications industry is at last shaking off its 'house newsletter' image to become a critical business discipline and a key driver of change.

Part 2 - Effective communication

Britons Keen on Overseas Work - But Not the Languages
December 12 2006 - The Institute for Public Policy Research has published a report, featured on the BBC website, showing that up to 6 million British people live or work abroad for at least part of the year. The most popular location is Australia, where there are 1.3 million resident Britons, followed by Spain (761,000), the USA (678,000) and Canada (603,000). Many of these have retired overseas, encouraged to seek cheaper accommodation and better weather by TV programmes such as Place in the Sun, but large numbers are also seeking work.

Management Jargon Baffles Employees
November 6 2006 - A survey for Investors in People finds that 54% of employees in the UK regard management jargon as a source of communication problems.



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